Google Down the Line!: Nadal to attend World Cup final, drops racquets for pom poms

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nadal to attend World Cup final, drops racquets for pom poms

Rafael Nadal is set to announce his plans to attend the World Cup final in South Africa this Sunday!

After Spain reached its first EVAH final yesterday defeating favored Germany 1-0 there was much speculation about whether the Wimbledon champ would make the trip. He already decided to skip this weekend's Davis Cup tie versus France to undergo lengthy treatment on his knees so it wasn't a given he would attend.

It's a World Cup final, though, and a possible once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see his friends and compatriots take home the title. His next tourney isn't until Canada in about a month which seems like enough time to get treatment and recover even if it needs to be pushed back a bit for this trip. I imagine his boys on the DC team would understand and would want someone to go and support the team, too. And who better than the bigger cheerleader of 'em all - Rafa?

But, really, how could he miss this?! Well, now he won't.

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