Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Maria Sharapova as Betty Draper for U.S. Open daytime?

Monday, July 26, 2010

FASHION FIX: Maria Sharapova as Betty Draper for U.S. Open daytime?

Thanks to Down the Line! reader Nathan for sending me this image of the Nike Striking Court Day Dress from the Striking Clothing Collection that Maria Sharapova will likely wear at the U.S. Open according to this piece of marketing material from the sports apparel brand:

Here's a description:
The Striking Clothing Collection is a gorgeous feminine range to be worn by Maria Sharapova during the last two Grand Slams of 2010. Featuring unique style and beautiful colours bound to make a statement on the court.

An eyecatching Court Day Dress as worn by Maria, this dress is a beautiful new colour and a fantastic new style with lots of attractive assymetrical features. The button plackets on the chest and right hem are non-functional, providing an eye-catching style to this dress. The black hem of the dress is delicately ruffled with a pop of colour shimmer under the dress.
I usually like to take the wait-and-see approach on these dresses because sometimes they pull a switch-a-roo last minute and other times the flat doesn't look as good (or horrific) as it does on her and in motion. That being said, it seems Nike design was watching too many repeats of Mad Men in preparation for last night's season premiere - which was FANTASTIC - and got a bit too inspired by Betty Draper (who can blame them really.) But again, WAIT-AND-SEE.

Of course, the next logical question would be: Which character will Shieka play for her night matches - Joan Harris or Peggy Olson? She'll need double 'D' chicken cutlets for the former while this could work just fine for the latter. But, good question indeed.

*taps temple*

[Photo(s): Nike] 

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  1. Hmmmm.... when I saw the dress, I immediately thought of Serena. Not Masha.
    I like a touch of retro, but I fear Masha's bust less, amazonian frame is not gonna fill the dress out right. :/

    btw, you can find Serena's ultra boring, but very sportsy dress here:

  2. Thanks for the link Skinny! I do not like this blue ickfest (those snaps, or whatever they are, just add to the ick factor), but I LOVE her WTA final dress on the link.

    That gray and pink number is FABULOUS, so hopefully they do the old switcheroo and make it her US Open dress. Maybe they didn't want to seem like they were copying the fabulous gray/pink K-Swiss line so they're waiting on it for a bit.

    Rafa's US Open outfit on the link is also fabulous -- loving the gray. I normally don't like gray so much, but well done with it here Nike!

  3. I may be the biggest Maria fan ever, and even I do not know what to say about that dress. I've seen it a few times already and each time I shudder. Hopefully it looks better on. The gray and pink one is adorable, though.

  4. Yeah, it's weirdly matronly but her dresses have been feeling a bit like that to me this season. Shrieka tries to add some sexiness but it doesn't come through. I think it's because the execution is always a little, or in the case of Oz A LOT, off.

    But they may be giving her a little too much say. She balls, not designs. She should get some actual training if she has that much passion for it. Shrieka was or still is taking French classes but she could be doing design stuff.


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