Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Andy Murray and coach Maclagan part ways - so who really wanted out?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

(UPDATED) Andy Murray and coach Maclagan part ways - so who really wanted out?

Only days after Roger Federer announced the addition of a potential coach in Paul Annacone, Andy Murray announced the departure of head coach Miles Maclagan via his website today. Take a read above (click to enlarge.)

How nice. By their statements it seems the two met up, discussed the situation, came to a mutual understanding, made the decision then kissed, hugged and slapped boy buns. Uh, wait that's my personal version.

Anyway, according to an article by The Telegraph there have been rumblings for weeks and it wasn't so mutual though still amicable. The paper gathered recon from sources inside the Muzz camp (which I'm hoping is either Jez Green, Matt Little or Andy Ireland and not Kim Sears) that place the decision to split firmly with Miles. Apparently, he wasn't happy with the growing influence of former tour baller Alex Corretja, who was initially brought on as a part-time advisor to help develop the Muzz clay-court game - GREAT JOB btw - in March 2008. And so, Miles wanted out.

The Spaniard will continue to work with the Brit baller through the U.S. Open but isn't considered a likely candidate for the full-time coaching gig due to a "broadcasting commitment." That special someone is rumored to be none other than Darren Cahill who's contracted with adidas, Muzz's sponsor, and helps run their baller development program. He also offers brilliant on-air match analysis for ESPN.

I have to say I'm sad to see Miles go. No, not because he was the greatest coach that ever lived but because the coaching hawtness factor on the ATP World Tour just took a massive nosedive. At least I'll always have this. Thanks Miles, and stay wet forevah. Now, I must drink.

UPDATE: It looks like Alex is out, too, according to an updated version of The Guardian article I linked above (just click on the same link. You'll see.) Thanks to Erik over at the awesome blog Adjusting the Net, which you should surely take a peek at, for the tip off!


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  1. Apparently Corretja is gone too according to a Guardian article which looks like it was rewritten several times as the writer misspells the names of Murray's potential first round opponents in L.A. So looks Murray will go it alone while Federer, who never really needed a coach some feel, now has Annacone whom though I respect, I have no idea what he's going to do for Fed.

    And we thought the WTA had coaching issues.

  2. Thank God Miles is out. He isn't a coach - he's one of the boys. BIG difference. I'm not a huge Andy supporter, but I like him. When he fell apart in the AO final, I thought he wouldn't get a slam ever. That was the time to take it. You lose that, and it's in your head forever. I hope I'm wrong, and someone else can right his ship.

    It's a shame it's not Corretja, though. He's WAY hotter than Miles, Richie! ;)
    Killer is a great move, but I would miss seeing and hearing him in the ESPN booth. :'(


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