Google Down the Line!: Vuvuzelas get no love from Wimbledon officials

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vuvuzelas get no love from Wimbledon officials

The vuvuzela, the ubiquitous and some would say 'annoying' stadium horn that has gained worldwide popularity due to the World Cup, has been banned from Wimbledon.

The All England Club chief executive Ian Ritchie released a statement today asking people not to bring them to the grounds:

Out of courtesy to the players and their fellow spectators, we make a point of asking spectators not to bring items which could either cause a distraction or interfere with the enjoyment of the occasion.

Rattles, klaxons and vuvuzelas all fall into that category and they will not be allowed into the grounds. Our message is do not bring them in the first place.

They will not be showing any World Cup matches on the jumbo video screens either. "We fully appreciate that a number of our visitors will be interested in the football World Cup," Ritchie said. "Equally, however, the tennis is our first priority."

Fine with me. It seems more Aussie Open than Wimbledon anyway. Might we see some next January?

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  1. Who would take one in the first place? I mean it's Wimbledon for goodness sake! We all know how to behave at the most stuck up tennis tournament. No FUN! uh, I mean noise. Whatever, they're probably just pissed that half their audience will abandon them for the world cup.

    Also, WHAT! Wimbledon starts next week? I haven't recovered from Roland Garros yet and now I have to restart the shake, cry and scream process that is a grand slam. Oh, the woes of us die hard tennis fans.

  2. LMAO...AND husband #1 (?) aka Reeshard is already out with a rib injury.

    Why does he want to destroy us emotionally?

  3. Thank God or whoever ...

  4. Rich, I know! It's like he's hellbent on breaking us. Didn't he like the roses, teddy bears, chocolate boxes and locks of hair we sent him? Sigh, it's a good thing I'm great at denial.

  5. Clearly Reeshard is not the appreciative kind. But do you who probably is? Yoann Gourcuff. And he could use those presents. In a big way right now.


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