Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) SIGHTING: Momo + scrunchee, Part Deux

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

(UPDATED) SIGHTING: Momo + scrunchee, Part Deux

A still very fit-looking Amelie Mauresmo + scrunchee were spotted playing a little football at Queen's Club yesterday. The 2-time Grand Slammer and her fave accessory were in the stands at Roland Garros recently watching Svetlana Kuznetsova go down to Maria Kirilenko.

Some ballers just can't stay away. I wonder what she's doing there, though. Anyone know?

Thanks to reader Sam H-Q for the awesome insidery info yesterday in the DtL Peanut Gallery on Momo's appearance at Queen's Club that was confirmed in today's L'equipe (Googlely translated):

As we learn in L'Equipe on Wednesday, Amelie Mauresmo has agreed to come and assist her experience Michaël Llodra for Wimbledon. The former World No. 1, titled in London in 2006, was delighted to make this unique service to those who still led by Rémi Barbarin.

"You could say I am a value-added. On fonctionne au feeling. It works by feel. (...) I attend his training, if I notice something I said. Sometimes I wait it occurs. Nothing is written, "said the former champion. Llodra him, appreciates the helping hand. "She joined me on the Challenger Bordeaux and I told him I was a contractor helping hand. Amelie can bring me a lot about how we approach the big competitions. Even if it is moving more in a friendly than purely professional. During her career she has been much discussion and thought to blow up certain obstacles. She put me on a different look. I like this approach."
Yay! More Momo!

[Photo(s): John Gichigi/Getty Images]

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  1. according to the british commentators she was out earlier coaching Michael Llodra! Good to see she still loves the game even after retiring.

  2. Thanks for info Sam H-Q. It's pretty interesting to thing of Momo as a coach already, espesh to a boy baller. But she did win Wimby so she knows how to work the grass.

    In any case I hope we continue to get more of her. She's so missed.

  3. If anything, I think it's incredibly awesome to see a guy get some advice from a woman. If you have a chance to hear from a multiple Slam winner, go for it, regardless of sex.

  4. Agreed! Times they are a changing (we hope.)


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