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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PHOTO OP: On Rafire

"Somebody hose me down. No, really. DO IT."

Rafael Nadal looks to have caught fire after passing a very tricky test in the big-hitting Robin Soderling at Wimbledon today.

I wonder how much hair gel it took to get this look. Wait - why am I asking you guys? I should be asking Mahut. Where is he? Oh right, probably here.

[Photo(s): Getty Images]

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  1. Richie!
    I missed you!
    I brought you a present. I worked on it in between naps on the plane ride home:

    Top Ten Ways To Pass Time During the Isner/Mahut Match

    10. Grope Rafa.
    9. *Ring* Buckingham Palace, ask if Prince Edward is in the can.
    8. When Buckingham Palace security arrives, hide behind anyone drinking Pimms.
    7. Realize your mistake, *ring* Monaco, and ask for Prince Albert in a can.
    6. When Monaco police show up and ask who made the call, point to Rafa.
    5. Slip Monaco police a C-note and ask for ten minutes alone with Rafa while he’s in handcuffs. (Promise them a thorough body cavity search.)
    4. Grope Rafa.
    3. Ring nearest pizza delivery place, order pizza for 1000 under the last name “Lahyani”.
    2. While Mohamed is fishing for his wallet, grab the microphone and yell, “Game, Set, Match…Nadal!”

    And, the Number One Way To Pass Time During the Isner/Mahut Match…

    miss Richie while groping Rafa.

  2. ROFL she's baaaack!

    Love it natch. Groping Rafa is it's own list - there are at least 10 ways to do it (my record is 20 btw.)


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