Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: Anna Kournikova + Martina Hingis reunite for doubles duty

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PHOTO OP: Anna Kournikova + Martina Hingis reunite for doubles duty

"It's like we never parted. Now gimme some sugah."

Anna Kournikova + Martina Hingis
reunited on the court for a legends doubles match at Wimbledon today - yes, I said a LEGENDS doubles match - to the delight of boys, men, some women and a handful of photographers in the pit.

The pair, who won the 1999 + 2002 Australian Open women's doubles championships, defeated the team of Anne Hobbs + Samantha Smith from Great Britain 6-2, 6-4 in the match. But really, did anyone even notice? The match, I mean?

Anyway, they sat down for a post-match presser and were asked how this reunion came about. Here's what Kourny had to say:
Uhm, well, we were talking with Martina about summer plans, what she was doing, what I was doing and stuff. She told me she was going to be around here in Europe, Grand Slams, doing Grand Slams here in Europe, then she was going to play TeamTennis, which I'm also playing. We just came up with the idea. We thought it was a really good opportunity.
Especially for me personally it's an amazing opportunity to be back at Wimbledon, my favorite grass courts. I haven't been here since 2002. I'm not getting any younger. So this is probably my last chance to play here, just to experience, uhm, being on the court with much less pressure than when you play professional.

Playing with Martina, I mean, I think we just picked it up today where we left off eight years ago. Last time I played was eight years ago. I had so much fun today. Kind of jittery a little bit. You don't know how everything is going to go. But I had an amazing time.
In fact, Kourny had tons to say to the apparent dismay of Marty. Read the rest of the presser here - it's actually kind of entertaining in a 'I-was-a-former-teen-tennis-idol' kinda way.

More photos from their reunion below!

[Photo(s): Getty Images]

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