Google Down the Line!: No handshake, no love lost between Kuznetsova + Rodionova

Friday, June 25, 2010

No handshake, no love lost between Kuznetsova + Rodionova

Something tells me Anastasia Rodionova won't be getting an invite to the next girls night at Svetlana Kuznetsova's crib.

The 2-time Grand Slammer defended herself over Twitter after refusing to shake hands with Rodio at the net. The Aussie defeated Sveta 6-2, 2-6, 6-4 in the Wimbledon second round.

Rodio, who has a reputation for on-court theatrics and was defaulted from a match at Cincinnati in 2007 for unsportsmanlike conduct, apparently questioned a ton of line calls and took a strangely timed medical break for her hip during the match. She was surprised but not bothered by Sveta's non-action:

I don't know what happened, I guess Svetlana was disappointed. It doesn't really bother me. I go out there and try my best, every single match that I play.

I'm happy that I won the match and I'm looking forward to my next round. I played really well and I served really well. I felt really good on the court. It can't even compare to my first round.
And what about suggestions the injury was not as severe as she claimed?
I strained a muscle a bit on my hip at the beginning of the second set. I'm fine. I have a bit of history there and I wanted to make sure it was nothing serious.
It's one of the biggest slaps in the face to refuse to shake your opponent's hand after a match so Sveta must've been seething with anger over Rodio's behavior. I mean if Sveta, who has a great reputation on the WTA tour and with fans as being uber-friendly, refuses to shake your hand you know it's pretty bad.

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  1. And even after she cooled down, she was still angry enough to tweet about it! Crazy.

  2. Don't mess with an angry Sveta. I mean, you've seen her legs. She'll put a hurt on you like you've NEVAH seen. lol

  3. I watched most of that match and although the injury timeout was a little suspect as it happened before the start of the third set when Sveta cruised in the 2nd suggested to me that Rodio just wanted to cool Sveta down. In any event, Sveta, despite all of Rodio's antics, should have figured a way to win that one.

  4. Thanks Erik! Do you think she went overboard with the line calls? That was another issue.

    I think Sveta's frustration over her game and lack of winning probably came to a head in this match. Like you said you should have figured out a way to win but her head is not in the right place. Hopefully a return to hard-courts will do her good.

  5. Ugh, cannot STAND Rodionova!! She came through the Russian system with such little fan fare, so decides to represent a country that she knows are crying for female players. Nice, calculated move there, Rodi.

    Her attitude on court is abysmal, she sulks, stalls, complains, practices gamesmanship and is an overall TOOL of the highest order.


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