Google Down the Line!: MEDIA MASHUP: The WTA girls get glitzy (sorta) at pre-Wimbledon party

Friday, June 18, 2010

MEDIA MASHUP: The WTA girls get glitzy (sorta) at pre-Wimbledon party

The annual pre-Wimbledon party was held at The Roof Gardens in West London's Kensington last night and the lady ballers of the WTA came out to play.

Check out the photos and fashion from the night. There are also a couple of videos at the end: an inside look at the evening's action and Maria Sharapova answering fans Facebook questions with some cute Brit (who IS that?)

So my overall thought on the evening's fashion is the usual: the WTA needs to hire me as their resident stylist. Oh and they need to hire a make-up artist. No one, I mean NO ONE, should have to deal with sock/strap lines or, worse, putting their face on while traveling in a car to the event. Get it together. (Sorry to be so brief but I'm on deadline with another piece - feel free to leave your thoughts on the night's stylings in the DtL Peanut Gallery.)

Anyway, enjoy!

[Photo(s): WTA, Getty Images]

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  1. Is it me, or does ReRe look like she is a graduate of RuPaul's Drag Race?!

    Aggie R looks stunning and Dinara is looks surprisingly good!

    The violations!

  2. I completely agree with Aaron.

    Dinara and Aggie looked nice and appropriate (cough-Anne K this is not prom-cough).

    Venus looked OK as well, but everyone else was a huge NO, especially Carline and Ana, who apparently shop at the same dress store and have the same hairstylist.

    Rich, those two need to be your first clients when the WTA comes to its senses and hires you!


  3. You can ALWAYS tell who puts the effort into these events. Maria looked great, copper tone looks great on her. The Williams' looked fab as usual, Serena always goes for the simple yet sexy look. And my third pick would have to be Radwanska, very, and surprisingly, sexy!!

    OMG on Ana, Wozzie,and Chakvetadze!!! WTF!!

    Ana thinks bump-its are "in", Wozzie came from a mall fashion show for tweens, and the other Anna had a feather duster in her hand!!! LOL

    lets hope their Wimbledon dresses aren't also epic FAILS!!



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