Google Down the Line!: HE SAID/SHE SAID: Roland Garros Day 10

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

HE SAID/SHE SAID: Roland Garros Day 10

Q. Two years in a row you beat the title holder. How it feels to be a giant killer?

ROBIN SODERLING: Hey, of course it's nice to beat the world No. 1 two years in a row on the center court. I think both times I play really good tennis. I think it's a great feeling.

Q. What about the statistics and now finally winning Federer?

ROBIN SODERLING: Well, of course I didn't think about it that much. As I said, I think even though I lost so many times, I always have a chance to win. I came close a couple of times before, and I really feel like one or two times I actually been a little bit unlucky.

With a little bit of lucky I could have won before. Now I'm here finally with a win, and it's great.

Q. Are you still based in London?


Q. Why did you leave?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Eh, daddy, mommy. They say, Come back home. I say, No. They say, Yes. At the end they won.

Q. Who will win next match with Elena Dementieva?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Who will win between me and her?

Q. Yes.

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Io (Me.) (laughter.)
Will be very interesting match. I know her. I think she know me. We grow up a little bit together. We played many tournaments together. I respect her. She's a great athlete. You know how she is, Elena. But will be good match. We are good athletes physically and mentally strong. I think who going to win really the best one Thursday.

Q. Do you think it will be easy or difficult to stay focused for the next match for you?

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Oh, yes. Always. For me, is always difficult to stay focused. It's difficult. But now that I am focused, I am enjoying more. Now I don't know, because when I am in the court, I can't tell you how will be.

But I look forward. I am curious to know how I can feel Thursday. Very curious. (laughter.)

Q. Your moment of triumph of was so special. Your face was filled with joy. I know it's difficult, but can you try and talk about emotion, the role of emotion and your play, your feeling at that moment?


Q. Hard to put in words, is what I meant to say.

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: Maybe I can tell you in Italian; is more easy.

Q. In Italian is fine.

FRANCESCA SCHIAVONE: No, that's okay. I think in that moment you remember many things from when you are when you were young. Is special because is your space, is your time, is your opportunity. I felt alone, but with all the love around me is bo. (I don't know.) It's like if I ask you, How did you feel when you married? You say, It's not easy to explain.
Is not enough?

Q. More than enough.

Q. Have you ever played such a big hitter as Soderling today?


Q. Who?

ROGER FEDERER: Del Potro. You've forgotten him because he's injured.

Q. What's the feeling when you have such a powerful ball in your racquet?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, it can be pleasant and unpleasant because you have less to do and you can't play your game, you can't impose your game.

As for me, I'm strong on both sides if I have to attack and if I have to defend and take the speed of the other player. That's why I had such a good record against him. So not too much of a problem for me, but today he played very well. He was impressive.

Q. Am I wrong if I say that you are in semifinal without playing your best tennis?

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Well, it's not about, you know, showing your best tennis. It's about winning matches. Once again, in this kind of weather conditions, you really have to, you know, push yourself very hard and, you know, stay positive, try to win no matter what. I think I had some good tennis here and there, but it was difficult.

Q. When I see your serve, you have done a great evolution. The double faults were there, but you are serving much better. Did you do something special or you change the movement or what? Because you're serving great.

ELENA DEMENTIEVA: Thank you. First time I hear this (laughter.) in my whole career. Well, I think with my serve it's all about rhythm. When I'm able to give the right rhythm on the match, it goes well.

I'm really working a lot on my serve. You know, it's not the biggest weapon in my game, but I think I've done a good work. It is a little bit better now, so I'm still I keep working on it, but it's a big advantage when you are feeling more comfortable in your service game. It's just a different attitude when you're playing.

Q. Is there an area of your game that you have worked on specifically this year? Anything that you would pinpoint that's been an improvement for you?

TOMAS BERDYCH: Well, yeah. I mean, it's gonna be couple of things. The first one, which is not only for this year, that's my movement on the court. You know, because with my tall and everything, my well, big body, it's really tough to move well on the court, and that was the thing what I needs to improve. So far it looks like that it works, and it was a good job made with my coach.

The other thing, of course, I mean, I was kind of guy who just liked to play really aggressive, but sometimes I was maybe too much, you know, just go too much for every shot. Then you just come with the mistakes, and that's not the way of the modern tennis. I still need to play really aggressive but with more control, and, you know, be a little bit patient on the court. That's what it is.

But, yeah, it's gonna be some more other things, but this one I would say it's me.

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