Google Down the Line!: Dementieva pulls out of Wimbledon with injury

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dementieva pulls out of Wimbledon with injury

Elena Dementieva has pulled out of next week's Wimbledon with the calf injury she sustained in her second round match at Roland Garros. The Russian was forced out of her semifinal against eventual winner Francesca Schiavone because of the injury, her first retirement in 43 major appearances.

I still have fond memories of that epic Wimby semifinal last year between Elena + Serena Williams, the best ladies' match of 2009. *sigh* The World No. 5 will take a huge hit in the rankings since she won't be able to defend those points.

Can you imagine a WTA Top 10 without a single Russian holding court? Bizarro.

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  1. Actually, she won't fall that far. She can only drop to 8, and even that only if Kim C makes the semis.

  2. The better question...How far will Safina drop!!

  3. I'm curious to see how Kimmie does on her grass. Not counting the exo to debut the Wimby roof it's been a while.

    Dinara? I was being generous in my last post when I said first week. I'm not sure she'll get out of the first round no matter who she plays. And if she doesn't she'll be past the Top 30 so maybe Top 40 or worse??? Yikes.

  4. Poor Elena. She'll be missed, for sure.
    I will be pulling for Kim or Justine.

    ...or for Amelie, even though she will only be in the player's box! ;)

  5. Any reason to cheer Momo, no? I wonder what she'll wear? Something that compliments her BFF scrunchee no doubt.

  6. Dementieva most likely will stay in the top 10 post Wimbledon. However, she did very well in the summer 2009. So if she is not healthy by the summer to defend her points, she will drop out of the top 10 maybe the top 20 prior to USO.


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