Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Latest scenes from "WTA Girls Behaving Badly" leaked!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

VIDEO VAULT: Latest scenes from "WTA Girls Behaving Badly" leaked!

Here are some leaked scenes from the tour's recurring drama-filled reality show "WTA Girls Behaving Badly" both starring - SHOCKER - Jelena Jankovic with appearances by Serena Williams + Ana Ivanovic.

Well don't just sit there - WATCH:

SCENE 1: The third set tie-break of their Rome semifinal. JJ goes to serve, ReRe raises her hand up to signal she wasn't ready to receive it. JJ wins the tie-break and the match. At their post-match handshake ReRe apologizes for stopping the Serb mid-serve and allegedly says in her defense, "I'm not Justine" referring to the infamous "Henin Handgate" that occurred during their contentious match at Roland Garros in 2003. Click here for a reminder of THAT one.

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

SCENE 2: JJ defeats NaturAna in second round of Madrid for her first win on clay over her countrywoman. After the victory she's shown courtside grinning and performing fist-pumps and an uppercut that's supposedly in mockery of NaturAna's penchant for ridiculous amounts of that motion (causing fans to suffer what's now commonly known in tennis circles as FPF or "Fist Pump Fatigue." Thanks AI.) To the victor go the spoiled sportsmanships.

LOVE this show! That JJ is some kind of scene-whore, huh?

In any case, stay tuned for more scenes from "WTA Girls Behaving Badly." I mean, we still have half a season left. There's bound to be more drama 'round the corner. At least we can hope so.

*sets DVR*

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  1. Thanks for this post, made me laugh! Of course JJ is the star of this sort of things. :P And her imitation of Ana is just ahahhaha funny, didn't see that part although I watched the match.

  2. JJ once again proves why she is a classless tool and why Ana is the classiest player in tennis. I hope Ana kicks her ass at RG. Karma is a bitch.

  3. Jelena definitely made me laugh. I can't dislike her. This might even be funny enough to get me to overlook her crimes against fashion and my eyes. (OK, it's not THAT funny.)

  4. The uppercut was a total JJ original. I can't recall NaturAna doing that - though she may want to now. Right into JJ's paella.

  5. Oh - I thought only for a few people that ana's fistpumps are too dramatically annoying.

  6. what JJ is saying in this video??

  7. JJ is the best
    Ana asked for it after all.

    Shocked by the Justine incident. Serena is another card! Gonna shove that ball down feckin throat!

  8. Yeah yeah, Ana is the classiest. The best moments are when she fistpumps even after her opponent's unforced errors. Face it, she deserved it.

  9. JJ rocks! I agree with you guys, those fistpumps from Ana are annoying after every error from her opponent even when they're ranked in the 100s. Go JJ!!

  10. What's with the criticism of Ana's fist pumps. They are these little abbreviated things. Everyone else looks like they are in a boxing ring, especially the men.

  11. Yeah Ana's fist pumps do get annoying but you don't see Federer imitating Nadal's fist pumps when he beats him. Classless act.

  12. Comparing Federer with JJ is almost an insult (for Roger) even if it's a joke. :D


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