Google Down the Line!: SIGHTING: SexGawd + Nole = *droolfest*

Thursday, May 6, 2010

SIGHTING: SexGawd + Nole = *droolfest*

If ever there was a pairing to make my gonads explode, you've found it. So I felt obligated to share Marat Safin's visit with Novak Djokovic in Serbia because I'm not a completely selfish bitch. Well, not often anyway.

Now for some private time with the boys. And the gonads.

[Photo(s): DerangedSoviet]

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  1. oh man, really wish i was there.

  2. My two favourite men :') I want to be in Belgrade so much right now.

    *fans self*

    Okay, I need some private time now :)

  3. Needs mor Rafa. ;)

  4. OH MY GOD! You just made my day with these pics. The two most gorgeous guys in tennis together... what the hell!! What's the story to this? Marat just visited Nole in Serbia? didn't know they were friends. Now please bring the mop...

  5. i don't know but maybe somebody will be interested in this......Marat has a new GIRLFRIEND!!
    here's the old one Nastya Osipova

    and here's the new one Ekaterina Peshkova

  6. oh almost fogot and here's Marat on the beach with Ekaterina:

  7. Marat may have a girlfiend but he and Nole make a better looking couple :)

  8. Love Marat! And I agree Anon in the 4th post, Marat + Rafa = explosion of hotness. Exhibit A:



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