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Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I’ve been going through a difficult period over the past couple of months. It’s springtime and I have a strong allergic reaction to pollen. It’s never been this bad and no medications are helping it. A quarterfinal and a semifinal at [Monte Carlo and Rome] are quite good achievements, but in the past I’ve been known to win these events. I probably could have done better this year. But I have fierce competition who also wants to be on top.

- Novak Djokovic on his struggles during this clay-court season

Does this quote really need a comment? Ok fine. Nole, please find your balls before Roland Garros. Or 2011. Kthx.

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  1. While I commiserate with the allergies/pollen claim (the pollen count was the highest this spring that they've seen in decades!), Nole really needs to stop blaming losses on smaller issues. I get that they can affect him, but it just sounds... petty.

  2. is that adidas on his feet? so the taccini deal was only for his clothes?

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  4. Have you ever had any problems with allergies?? I did and it's just not possible to breath normally or to do anything!
    I know what he's talking about and I completely understand him!

  5. Yeah I actually have really bad allergies and I know how horrible it can make you feel - not fun. So I'm not saying that what he's said isn't true (we can only speculate) but saying this publicly doesn't help his reputation for blaming losses/withdrawals. He's inviting more criticism.

    I'm surprised his publicists don't advise him to keep this info to himself. Just say something like "I've had my challenges during this clay-court season but I've done pretty well considering. What's important is to peak at RG and that's my goal." It's boilerplate stuff but bringing up allergies when you're clearly struggling with your game just sounds like you're making excuses.

    That was my point.

  6. Maybe you're right Rick, but it's the truth after all, right? Allergies are a serious problem and we all know that Nole has got breathing problems like forever... I don't think he's making excuses, but you could see him on court blowing his nose all the time. Poor thing, I feel for the guy. He's going through a very difficult time, I just really hope that he gets it all together and starts being the champion we all know soon.


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