Google Down the Line!: PHOTO OP: JJ has balls in all the wrong places

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

PHOTO OP: JJ has balls in all the wrong places

"I should've done my kegels this morning. Aw, fuck it."

Jelena Jankovic uploaded some new photos of herself, of course, to the "Off-Court" section of her Facebook page including the one above. Listen, I'm not even going to get all snarky on the reappearance of Lefty (who's sorta like her Snooki) or her always questionable fashion taste. I just wanna know where that tennis ball fell from. Uh, on second thought maybe I don't.


One more new image of JJ below. See the rest here.

[Photo(s): Jelena Jankovic FB page]

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  1. She's a very proud young woman, and cuts a great figure besides. Yes, you can quibble about her fashion choices, but Anta pays her for it, and though she fit well in Reebok dresses, they didn't pay or didn't pay enough.

    I'm no fashionistam, but I think maybe you are missing the big picture in that some of these women are aiming for a look that stands out from the crowd,
    and that is the only result they could really care about.

    But if i cold play within your rules, speaking of "ewww," somebody needs to intervene with Venus on that Eleven stuff she designs. That Red Bustier thing puts me in mind of Saloon girls in old westerns. Not flattering.

  2. "fashionista" typo- whoops!

  3. B9000: Agreed on the EleVen stuff. Ugh. With regards to JJ I'm mostly speaking about her off-court choices though some of the ANTA dresses (pinata comes to mind) are questionable.

    But don't get me wrong I love me some JJ - she adds tons of humor to the WTA which it sorely needs. Even if it comes at the expense of her "fashion" or on-court antics. She brings the lulz. Guaranteed.

  4. She's tasteless and so are you for sending this.

  5. Haters hate and apparently "jeaniuses" are all too full of themselves.

    Taste is subjective. Nice hair and glasses, not.


    Well it was nice to exchange a thought or two with you, Rich.

    Peace, out..

  6. Well, her style is atrocious. Why does one have to be a hater for saying it the way he sees it?

  7. My comment did not make me a hater.

  8. Oh, did I say "hater?"

    Actually, "hater" is on point, but I meant to say "classless , ill-mannered, and presumptuous."

    Because A. it was a reflexive, ad hominem attack, as I just stopped by to say a word regarding Rich's comment, and B. again, "taste" is subjective.

    I'm a fan of the girl on the court- she runs down everything and confounds her opponents. She is not the precision point builder that Justine is, or the power merchant Serena is, but she is a top ten talent, very fit, and very dangerous.

    So since any difference of opinion is not accepted here, screw off.


  9. Hey y'all,

    Let's keep it on tennis here in the DtL Peanut Gallery and not fire personal attacks on anyone. I want everyone here to feel like they can state their opinions freely and openly but on tennis!

    Thanks, RiCH

  10. I like Jelena. Her on court personality is always interesting.

    I don't know what has happened to Venus. Maybe her dress sense is now being influenced by Serena. Serena's was always trashy but Venus used to have style.

  11. Oh Jelena ... too funny. I work in special effects for film and TV and just this week I had to create a wooly cocoon that envelops an actress. It wasn't pink but it was extraordinarily reminiscent of that dress she is wearing.


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