Google Down the Line!: Ivanovic + Jankovic letting the cattiness out of the bag

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ivanovic + Jankovic letting the cattiness out of the bag

NaturAna + JJ in happier times...or were they???

So yesterday we got the Rezzie/Bart blowup and today we're treated to Ana Ivanovic + Jelena Jankovic being asked to revisit the leaked Madrid scene from "WTA Girls Behaving Badly." And, boy, are they EVAH right now. The WTA rocks!

Q. This is going back a little bit, but you lost to Jelena in Madrid. I was wondering when you heard about that fist pump imitation she did after the match and just what your reaction was.

ANA IVANOVIC: You know, it's very, very hard for me to comment on that, you know. You know how they say: Sport doesn't build character. It shows it. Yeah, it's very hard for me to say.


Q. So apparently Ana was talking about what happened in Madrid after the match with you and the fist pump. You want to talk about, you know, your version of that? I know it was a big win for you, but why you decided...

JELENA JANKOVIC: What was her version?
Q. Well, she basically said that, you know, sports reveals character. That's what she was saying.

JELENA JANKOVIC: For me, you know, I don't need really to comment on that, you know. I don't think it's a right time to comment on this kind of thing.

But for me, as a player, it's ‑‑ every player has their way of, you know, motivating themselves and pumping themselves up, you know, if you win a point or you didn't win a point. But I don't think it's nice to put it, you know, the fist in their face. That's what can be a little irritating. That's the only ‑‑ but all the players, they do, you know, different kind of gestures, you know, with their hands.

But, you know, it's a little bit ‑‑ when you do that in the player's face, and especially after not winning a point after your opponent missed an easy ball, I don't think it's ‑‑ I don't think that's fair play.

That's just my opinion, and that's what I, as a player, don't like to do to other players. If I'm ‑‑ if I win a point or something, I do it, but I don't go like that in your face (holds up fist). That was only ‑‑ and especially when it comes to maybe me and Ana, we are two girls from the same country, and it's nice to have a nice relationship and play a normal match. Somebody has to win, and that's normal.

We're both professionals. We want to do our best on the court, and I think we should play fair. That's just my opinion. I have nothing, you know, against her or fist pumps or whatever. I play my game. I have my personality. I'm myself, and it's none of my business what Ana does or all these other girls on the court. But for me, I prefer to this kind of way like I already explained.
The competition between lady ballers from the same country is fierce right now, eh? Plus I love how JJ says she won't comment and then gives a huge diatribe about the incident. Hilarious. The fist pumping does get fatiguing I must say espesh after every. single. point. FPF isn't something I enjoying feeling during my tennis viewing time.

Anyway, the fourth seed was also asked about the other leaked scene from the hit reality show this time involving something Serena Williams whispered to her at the net in Rome:

Q. One more question: You had that great win over Serena in Rome, and then at the end there was the whole thing about the hand. Then she came up to you at net and appeared to apologize in some way, saying she wasn't trying to stop it? Did she say, I'm not Justine, or I'm not like Justine? What do you remember?

JELENA JANKOVIC: I don't want to comment on that, because that's between me and Serena, and, you know, she said that I have a nice dress and a nice size, you know, after the match. (laughter.)

So I don't really want to comment on whatever she said. It doesn't really matter for the public. It's ‑‑ you know, we are ‑‑ we played a tough match. It was a great match. We played good tennis, and that's what matters.

Sometimes there are gonna be some weird moments, but because we're very competitive, we want to ‑‑ we want to win. I mean, it's not like we are having a picnic out there or a charity match. This is a professional sport. We want to ‑‑ I mean, both of us want to win, and that's actually ‑‑ it's a big battle, and sometimes things happen, but sometimes you don't mean it, and you're under this atmosphere whereas sometimes you cannot control your emotions and that can be difficult.

Overall, you know, it was a good match. That's what I want to remember it as, and I won both ‑‑ I won against both Williams sisters in less than 24 hours, so it was a pretty good tournament for me, and, you know, it was really good for my confidence.

I got two wins against No. 1 and No. 2 in the world, so that means something.

Oh JJ, you are SO in your element. And loving it I bet.


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  1. Oh JJ, it really shows who you are....

    Ana is pure class!

  2. WTA bad girls prime time and loving it! :)

    Bart is weird, so I'm team Rezai.

    Totally split on the JJ/Ana feud though. Yes, JJ is, well JJ, but she brings the personality the tour needs, plus Ana's auto-irony FPF drives me to the brink!

    Overall, just loving the drama, always adds to match excitement as well.


  3. Love it! But Ana needs to take a lesson from Rezai and sharpen her claws more. Remember her quote about Jankovic? "As a person she's horrible, I mean her attitude, but as a player, she's okay. She has great shots, but I think she should not behave like a diva on the court"

  4. I think we should just throw all four of them in a room and let 'em have at it.


    Sorry but the Serbs seem too soft. The Frenchies will cutta bitch.

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  6. Obviously the best way to get JJ to comment is to ask her for no comment!

  7. is Svetlana Kuznetsova dating Amelie Mauresmo?

  8. Ana wanted no part of it. She was very uncomfortable and nervous answering the question. Poor Ana. :( But as usual, she was classy. That's why I love her and that is why she won the 2008 WTA sportsmanship award, something JJ will never win.

  9. tennis would be awfully boring if everyone was as "perfect and classy" as Ana Ivanovic. We need a girl like JJ on the wta.

  10. Love JJ. Ivanovic is annoying and so is her fist pump. She's much less a patriot than JJ it seems and now that her game is gone so too will her fame. That will be JJ's real revenge.

  11. JJ being a patriot is just annoying. She represents the classless, trashy portion of the Serb population. Thank god for Ana!

  12. I thought all of JJ's comments were fair. She described her preference for player's behavior and I completely agree it is too aggressive and bad sportsmanship. In badminton, fist pumping in the opponent's face is immediately addressed by the umpire and the player can face sever penalties if it is happening every single point.


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