Google Down the Line!: HE SAID/SHE SAID: Roland Garros Day Three

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

HE SAID/SHE SAID: Roland Garros Day Three

Q. What about the circumstances in general, or the weather conditions, rather? In Madrid it was sometimes warm or cold. What do you prefer?

RAFAEL NADAL: The sun. I love the sun. The sun is like happiness. When it's a bit like a dull‑type of weather like this, I don't really like this type of weather. When I play tennis I'd rather play in the sun.

The ball bounces higher. When it was really sunny, I can tell you the balls are a lot lighter. Today it was a bit heavier, so I didn't play really well.

Q. You remember last time you won against a top 10 player?

KIMIKO DATE KRUMM: Maybe top 10 player? (Through translation.)

He told me 1996. That time, the Championships in Madison Square Garden in New York. I beat Monica Seles in the first round. She retire. (laughter.) And the second round I lost against Martina Hingis.

Q. Just after Miami, you made the decision clearly you needed some time off. You wanted to rest the body. But now thinking back, would it have been a good idea to play Rome, or is it basically you didn't know you were going to get sick in Madrid?

ANDY RODDICK: Well, I didn't know I was going to get sick in Madrid. That was my preparation last year and I had my best ever French Open.

Also I have responsibilities elsewhere, you know. It was my first anniversary and I hadn't seen Brook in a while. I think at that point in the year, that was always gonna take precedence for me. That was a time that we had blocked out for us, and you know, that's necessary.

Q. You obviously have a little bit of history with [fashion] as well. Refresh my memory about what you've been fined and where the line was drawn. As you understand it, what's the line that they've kind of drawn?

BETHANIE MATTEK SANDS: For clothing? It's really hazy, actually. I think the book says, "proper tennis attire." That could be depends who's the supervisor, what tournament you're at. I mean, obviously some are more lenient than others on what you can wear.

But I've pushed the line a few times. It's really a hazy line. So I think it's cool when people push it, though. I like it. I think it brings more interest. I mean, obviously everyone is talking about it, so it's great. Tennis is getting in the news. It's on the front page when I open up my browsers and everything just because she's we are something different.

So I think it's great.

Q. How many times have you been fined and how much and when?

BETHANIE MATTEK SANDS: Um, I was fined ten grand for wearing a hat at US Open like five years ago. I was fined I think for a shirt that was like sheer, two grand. I think that's it.

For a while I actually had to bring my clothes in and get them approved. That's how they prevented me from actually, like, wearing something that I shouldn't on the court.
Since this last year I've been a little more conservative as far as the clothing goes.

Q. Sam, you've had some good results on clay. You won Belgrade, won Houston. Are you fighting sort of a Jeckyll/Hyde part of yourself here?

SAM QUERREY: A little bit. Those are 250s, and they're great. I love you know, a tournament win is a tournament win. A final is great. It builds my confidence, but I won Belgrade and my ranking didn't move. I'm kind of past that point right now. Those 250s do nothing for me ranking wise. It's all about the Masters Series and the Grand Slams.

That's where I just have not been playing well. You know, I just need to mentally get it together in my head. I need to enjoy myself out there. I need to enjoy playing. You know, if a guy has a breakpoint against me, I should know, Hey, I've got one of the biggest serves out there. Let's see you win this point off me.

But like I said, I just tank some points.
(UGH, Samurai.)

Q. You looked very happy at the end of your match. It must be great to be back at the place you've had success in the past.

JUSTINE HENIN: Yeah, I was feeling very happy just to be back on center court, and it's something that I never expected in the past anymore.

It was the case again today. I really, this morning, when I woke up and before walking on the court, I didn't know really what to expect and how I was going to deal with my emotions. At that time I felt like, well, I've never played on this court, you know. I've played so many times on that court.

But as soon as I walked in and I was into my match, I felt a lot of things were coming back. It was just fantastic to share this again with the crowd as they gave me one more time great support. So it was very good to be back. It was an honor for me to be scheduled on the center court. It was very nice from the organization, also.

Q. And your immediate goals for this year are what?

Q. Immediate goals.
DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: I thought, media goals, wow, I would never set those goals. (Laughter.) Yeah, I want to be the most famous.

Just improving my game. You know, obviously getting back to top 10 would be great, but I understand that's a long process. I just have to give my best in every match.

Q. If I recall correctly, you recently expressed some interest in getting involved in politics. What was that about?

DANIELA HANTUCHOVA: I never ever said that. Never. I'm the farthest thing away from that. (Laughing.)

[Photo(s): Getty Images, AP]

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