Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Venus pounds Patty in Paris, laces up in EleVen (with Booty Bonus!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FASHION FIX: Venus pounds Patty in Paris, laces up in EleVen (with Booty Bonus!)

Venus Williams usually lets her tennis do the talking but this time her dress had the last word.

The second seed easily dismissed fellow veteran Patty Schnyder 6-3, 6-3 in the first round of Roland Garros. She cracked 25 winners against 21 errors, had success on 53% of her first serve deliveries but threw in 8 double faults. Not too shabby for an opening round match on clay by the former top lady baller.

She'll face either Spain's Arantxa Parra Santonja or Japan's Kurumi Nara for a spot in the third round.

Now onto the EleVen dress: it's the same "Can-Can" inspired design she debuted at the Sony Ericsson Open in March. But this version is all-black lace with red piping and def more sheer, inspiring cat calls and whistles from the Parisian crowd.

"The outfit is all about illusion," she said. "That has been a lot of my motif there year, illusion, and it's about kind of having that illusion of wearing lace and not having anything take away under it. These days I have a lot of fun with my designs."
I'm a fan of this design especially after having to look at that damn Goddess dress for so long. It's flirty and fitting for Paris and she wears the hell out of it with her long lines and confident strut on the red clay courts. So she looks a bit like a showgirl for hire - they deserve love too, no?

BOOTY BONUS: For all those who may appreciate the return of her flesh colored knickers...

[Photo(s): AP]

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  1. TF calls the flesh colord knickers "non-knickers". Cute and catchy if you ask me. LOL

    Venus been done rocking this dress alright! Gotta love a woman confident enough to make this work.

    Now, can't wait for Maria's latest Nike bonanza. Another multi layer, mesh look?

  2. Love it!! Love it!! Fun, daring and solves (nearly) all the problems with the red and black original

    I only wonder what it would be like with black piping and only the logo in reg.... and then black (or red) shoes rather than white.....

  3. ugh...disgusting

  4. This is definitely a great version of the original. In fact, looking at this one makes me hate the original even more. And she's rocking the hell outa it. I've never seen Venus play so confident on clay in a long time.

    Now if she can keep this up, we maybe in for a surprise.

  5. 3 rd picture- first second i saw it i thought she's NAKED :)

  6. I like it. Don't think I've ever seen any lady baller wear lace on court. And congrats to Venus! She made it onto our local news with this outfit. This would make it the first time they've had a tennis story on since the beginning of time!

  7. just like Venus, never scared to push the envelope what-so-ever!! she has mos def been sexy-ing it up lately!! she has a killer bod, why not show it off!!

  8. urgghh... that last pic hurt my eyes! best pic I've seen thus far...


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