Google Down the Line!: Snezana Jankovic is royally pissed and she ain't gonna take it no more

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Snezana Jankovic is royally pissed and she ain't gonna take it no more

Like a lioness protecting her cub Snezana Jankovic, who is mama to former top lady baller Jelena Jankovic of course, tore compatriot Ana Ivanovic, the Serbian Tennis Federation and politicians a new one after their country's FED CUP loss to Slovakia last weekend.

They were defeated 2-3 with JJ breaking even in her singles rubbers but losing the deciding doubles rubber with partner Bojana Jovanovski. BoJo also broke even losing her first singles rubber to Daniela Hantuchova but beating Magdalena Rybarikova in the second.

Snezana was not at all pleased to see images of NaturAna relaxing in Majorca, Spain with boyfriend Adam Scott while JJ made the long trip from the U.S. (made even longer by the delays caused by the Icelandic volcano) while still nursing the wrist injury she sustained in Charleston:

Jelena missed only one match for Serbia in the last 10 years. This time she flew 48 hours across half the world to play here, despite a serious wrist injury.

At the same time, somebody else had coffee somewhere while my child played hurting for her country.
"I hope no one uses this against us later on. It's just coffee on a vacay."


Snezana also blamed the Serbian Tennis Federation for the low attendance over the weekend and questioned the whereabouts of the country's top political figures saying,
I think the organization failed this time and marketing flopped.

Why were our political elite and tennis officials absent. Those in charge should think: Does anybody care about women's tennis? Do we need a Fed Cup team at all?
Double S-H-M-A-C-K!

Listen Snezana, I know you're peeved at NaturAna for not sucking it up and taking one for the team but, honestly, she probably didn't want to embarrass herself again in front of her homies like she did against Russia. Based on the current state of her game and mental fortitude, or lack thereof, she wouldn't have helped much anyway. At least with BoJo you got one point which is more than you were probably going to get with NaturAna. And that's the sad, sad truth.

As for the Serbian Tennis Federation and the MIA politicos, they suck for not pushing hard and supporting these lady ballers. Period.

So be as pissed as you wanna be, Snezana, and let 'em have it. I'm all for that.


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  1. Well, now we know where JJ gets her manners from. That was nothing but trash and classless from Sneza to take a shot at Ana like that, who did nothing wrong at all.

    First of all, before popping her mouth off, get your facts straight. Ana wasn't "having coffee somewhere" while her precious little Serbian warrior princess was playing hurt. Those pics of Anadam were taken the week before the Fed Cup tie. Ana was in Stuttgart practing hard for the Suttgart tournament over the weekend, thank you very much. There are pics and videos to prove it. Why? Because Ana has her own career about. She's in a crisis and it would be stupid just to fly out to Belgrade for Fed Cup when she has more important things to do such as getting her career back on track. Maybe if JJ was ranked 58th in the world and was in a slump of epic proportions, she would understand what Ana was going through.

    Secondly, mind your own business. Don't tell Ana what she should or should not do. The last time I checked, Fed Cup wasn't a mandatory event and very few people care about it. To take your anger out on Ana is selfish. Ana needs to do what's right for her, not for what Sneki or JJ wants. Ana and the Dejan Vranes already discussed the situation a month ago and both agreed that it was in Ana's and Serbia's best interest to not play. The Serbian team didn't have a problem with it obviously.

    It's not Ana's fault that Serbia lost the tie. If If JJ had won her match, Serbia wins. But she didn't so blame Ana instead. Plus Bojan won a match, which is as much or more than Ana could do at the moment. Serbia was better off without Ana. If Serbia had won the tie, she wouldn't be acting like such a bitch like she is right now. Or maybe she would, who's knows with the Jankovic's. And why is she speaking now?

    You would never hear Ana or her mother Dragana talk crap and take cheap shots at other players like that. Why? Because they have class. Something that apparently doesn't run in the Jankovic family. It's trashy and uncalled for.

    There is a big difference between Ivanovic's and the Jankovic's. One is classy and polite, the other is rude and classless. There is always some manufactured drama with JJ and her team. It's ME, ME, ME!!! I am tired of it already. You never see this shit pulled by Ana or her team.

    This just reaffirms why I love Ana so much and despise JJ.

  2. Mommy forget to mention that her daughter gets a fat paycheck to show up for Fed Cup, and that she was the last to sign with Serbian TA because she wanted more money.
    Patriotism has a price tag this days. She's no different than the absent politicians in VIP seats.

    As for Ana, enjoy your ice-cream.

  3. Thank you Rich for pointing out that Ana wouldn't have contributed jack to the tie and Serbia would have ended up losing 4-1 instead of 3-2. So what if the girl is staying away from matches? Maybe if she's happy off-court she'll remember how to toss the ball. And for all those flipping out about Snezana's comments, if you're so upset, ignore them.

  4. Ana has a young boyfriend? That's good.


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