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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I’m in perfect shape. I feel very good, but I don’t want a repeat of what happened last year. For my tennis to be at the right level, I have to be physically well and that’s my principal objective. I’m being as cautious as possible so that I can play the maximum amount possible. Playing three weeks straight is not the best for me.

- Rafael Nadal on skipping this week's tourney in Barcelona where he's 5-time champ

Smart move. When you've so thoroughly dominated the rest of the field on clay over your career I think you can skip a tourney here or there on the slippery stuff and it won't really matter.

But what does matter? Health. And longevity. So enjoy your week off Rafa.

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  1. I agree totally...he has to be fresh for the big ones!

  2. Love the pic!
    Love the man!
    Love the quote!
    Love the fact that he is making the right decision and is resting!

    Vamos Rafa! Enjoy your time off. I know that you are going back to Barca for the funeral (I believe) since the passing of Mr. Samaranch. Have a safe trip.

  3. Wow. Not even a single post after Rafa won a title in 11 months? And that too with such domination? And only two comments on the Rafa-skipping-Barcelona?

    Visited this site after a long time, and wasn't wee-bit surprised. This is just a stupid accumulation of Federer-fanboys (actually, Federer fangirls :P)

  4. I think Anonymous is pissed.

    It would have been nice to go for six in a row in Barcelona after six in MonteCarlo, but at his age he can't roll like that anymore. It's funny eh, twenty three and a half is old. when he wins the French, (and Wimbledon, and US Open) we'll see that he's made the right decision.


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