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Friday, April 16, 2010

PHOTO OP: Battle of the bulge

"No seriously. It's actually about THIS big."

Up 5-1 in the second set of his Monte-Carlo quarterfinal match, Fernando Verdasco wasted three matches points against compatriot Albert Montanes before regaining his composure and clinching a 6-3, 6-7(4) 6-0 win. He'll face top seed Novak Djokovic, who ousted David Nalbandian 6-2, 6-3, for a spot in the final.

Oh boy. I'm sure Nando is really, really happy he kept his head together and closed out the match in emphatic style though the same can't be said for Nandito. He looks all shy and withdrawn.

Those 3-D glasses would come in handy right about now. *squints*

[Photo(s): Getty]

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  1. I think I just killed my neck twisting at 90 degrees in an attempt to figure out quite what's going on down there...

    ahem. Anyway, I'm happy for Nando! It was a good win for him & tomorrow's match will be seriously hawt *licks lips*

  2. I am in Monte Carlo and i have uploaded some videos on You Tube here are some from today's quarter finals.

  3. DS: Oh the loveliness on-court will be SO very. I. Cannot. Wait.

    GTF: great seats, eh? you can really see the arc of the ball nicely there.

  4. Not Andy Murray's recently.

  5. Andy Murray link below if you don't believe me- hope it works!

  6. Nando said he was so upset after the second set that he broke the toilets... bad boy^^

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