Google Down the Line!: We're like soul sisters, me and that Sveta

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We're like soul sisters, me and that Sveta


She said, eh, tweeted it not me. I may have thought it lots though. Fine, it's my mantra.

It's also a slow tennis news week. Sue me.

[Screen Grab: Twitter]

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  1. I wonder if there is a person alive who doesn't agree?
    * Richie*

  2. Sveta rocks. I'm so glad she's on twitter now. She's hilarious.

  3. I saw that too and decided to just leave it be. But I'm glad Sveta is choosing to tweet, it might give us some insight into her mind. Some.

  4. Sveta is def BFF material. I'm sure she and ReRe throw down when they hang out.

  5. Well ReRe and V used to braid Sveta's hair back when Sveta was really into hip-hop. So yeah they're probably BFF's


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