Google Down the Line!: VIDEO VAULT: Serena hits the talk shows, Nole + NaturAna climb the Avala TV Tower

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

VIDEO VAULT: Serena hits the talk shows, Nole + NaturAna climb the Avala TV Tower

Serena Williams hopped onto the post-Aussie Open media tour making stops at Jimmy Kimmel to discuss the win, the fine and the Prince...

...and the Ellen Degeneres Show where she smashed plates. I'm more impressed with Ellen's power moves - nice.

Novak Djokovic + Ana Ivanovic visited the restored Avala TV Tower in Belgrade where they left behind hand prints. The pair also played an exo here 5 years ago won by NaturAna.

I have no idea what they're saying but these two are giving full-on hawtness.

(Edit: So reader Sara wondered whether NaturAna's man hands are bigger than Nole's. Any guesses? I know those bitches are bigger than my mitts but that's not saying much.)

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  1. Are Ana's hands bigger than Novak's?

    I turned on the TV randomly yesterday and caught the end of her interview with Ellen and then that night when I couldn't sleep I flipped through the channels to once again run into Serena. It's cool as a tennis fan to see our athletes in mainstream media. I just wish people would let that damn foot fault go.

  2. ROFL she's safe by a smidge me thinks though they're surely bigger than mine. I'm sure most of the WTA has bigger mitts than the girlie ones on these spindly arms. *sad face*

  3. *Hugs Rich* I'm sure Rafa won't care what size your hands are.
    Can you imagine being slapped by NaturAna? That might be fatal.

  4. Nole: walking hotness <3333

  5. Nole and Ana are so HOT together, imagine the children they would have! And Nole is very sexy with glasses... awesome hotness these two. What do Serbs eat? lol

  6. Ana and Nole are so adorkable. And yes, they would have very cute children. They would make such a hot couple.

    Here's my offer, Ana and Nole get together and eventually marry, while Adam and Jelena can have each other. That sounds like a good trade off, right?

  7. Oh, and to answer your question, yes Ana's hands are bigger than Nole's. They're "man hands". She could crush some balls with those things.

  8. Serena ROCKS!

    I just love how her reaction to a heckler is to rise above it and kick ass. It's one of the many things I love about her, her strong mentality on court is unrivaled. You go girl! :D Congratulations on yet another dominate Grand Slam performance. Tying Billie Jean King's GS record of 12 is just astounding.

    I wish more credit was given to the ladies on the WTA. We don't hear the end of it when Federer wins a title. But if there's a milestone that has been covered on the WTA? You hear about it for a few days and then....So underrated.


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