Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Rafa + Shakira get all giggly for "Gypsy" music video

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

(UPDATED) Rafa + Shakira get all giggly for "Gypsy" music video

On the heels of the New York Post mention about Rafael Nadal + Shakira sharing dinner in Barcelona that I tweeted about yesterday comes some raw footage from her new music video for "Gypsy" featuring the 6-time Grand Slammer. Apparently they shot the video last week.

We all know how much she loves watching the Matador play and now she gets to get all cuddly with him in this video. Nice moves Shak but make sure to keep those hands in check.

P.S. - Thanks to everyone who blew up my inbox!

UPDATE: Nadal News has the cover and link to a video from his SOBeFiT photoshoot.


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  1. I don't know how he feels about her, but no doubt she wants him (hey, who doesn't). The way she reaches over to touch him -- dead giveaway...

    Back off Shakira -- I can only fight off one girl when I try to get to Rafa! ;)


  2. ^ Yes, I agree. It's so obvious that Shakira wants Rafa, it's written all over her face ;). I never really liked her, but I sooo want to be Shakira now!!

    PS: Rafito, just stay away from Verdasco a couple of weeks, he will be soooo jealous when he'll see this :))

  3. I can't help but admire Shakira for this. I mean, she obviously knows what she wants, goes after it and makes sure it looks God damn hot! Can't WAIT to see the finished video.
    In the meantime, I shall imagine that it's me lying there with Rafa having a post...ahem...coital giggle. ;)

  4. Cannot agree any more. I think we cannot blame Shakira. Who can resist from super hot sexy Rafael Nadal?


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