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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Anything is possible, but it's not probable. The French is a big one and he's going to have to defend that against all these Nadals and Verdascos. Things need to fall into place — a great draw and great weather — but it's a tough hurdle. Wimbledon will be tough too, but Roger's a freak of nature.

- Pete Sampras on Roger Federer's chances of completing the Calendar Slam this season

Out of all those "Nadals and Verdascos" the only real worry for the Swiss on clay is the real Rafa. Fed has been the second best clay courter for a few years before making good so it's plausible he'll defend his Roland Garros title if Rafa comes in rusty or, worse, bruised up.

I think the biggest obstacle, in terms of majors, to a Calendar Slam this year could be the U.S. Open. It's a more even playing field and gives a number of ballers a chance to get inside matches with the 16-time Grand Slammer. It's still a tough prospect even on his bad days and their good ones but as Juan Martin del Potro showed last season it's possible. You just better be ready to seal the deal, and probably over five sets. But it's possible.

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  1. Someone needs to tell Sampras that not because Verdasco beat him in an exo does not mean that Verdasco is a top player. As Kolya said, Verdasco does not have the mentality to win big matches.

  2. Yeah, why did Pete mention Verdasco? What about Del Potro? Djokovic, and even Murray? lol!!

  3. Have to agree with Karen that Sampras probably had Verdasco on the brain after losing to him in the exo. You are right that the "real" Rafa is Fed's biggest threat at the French but remember Delpo almost beat Fed there last year so don't count out the big man on clay. Also although I would agree the U.S. might be the toughest to win, I also think Fed is vulnerable at Wimbledon despite his record there. Fed could win the whole Slam this year, but I doubt it.


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