Google Down the Line!: Ivanovic hires Heinz Gunthardt as new coach

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ivanovic hires Heinz Gunthardt as new coach

Ana Ivanovic is hoping she's found the solution to her career free fall and his name is Heinz Gunthardt.

The Serb, who sits at No. 23 in this week's WTA rankings, made the announcement via her website today. The new appointment to Team NaturAna continues the coaching merry-go-round which included her time with the adidas Baller Development Program and Sven Groenefeld, a short, unsuccessful stint with Craig Kardon and a return back to the arms of adidas.

Heinz is a highly regarded coach who has worked with past Grand Slam champions, most notably with Steffi Graf and briefly with Jennifer Capriati.

Could this coaching switch do the trick for NaturAna? It remains to be seen but it can't hurt to try something new at this point especially with someone who's had great success coaching big forehands on the tour. If he gets her to toss the ball somewhere, anywhere other than the doubles alley then he's made his money.

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  1. OMG! Ana hired a full time coach? Are my eyes deceiving me? This is fantastic news! And it's about freaking time. This should have been done months ago, but I love the choice.

    Ultimately it will come down to Ana or not on whether she gets out of this slump or not, but this isn't a bad guy to have at her side. First things first; fix that horrendous ball toss. Just like Sam Smith said during Fed Cup, lock her in some tennis court and don't let her leave until that toss is fixed. Once that is fixed, the rest of her game will follow. But it is absolutely vital than Ana gets that fixed and fixed quick.

    Please don't fire him too soon Ana, lol. Glad to see team Ivanovic finally waking up. Maybe a new and more positive era in Ana's career has begun. *fingers crossed*

  2. I hope Heinz can teach her how to deal with her nerves, too, or this could end up as another failed venture.

    Hi RiCHie!

  3. *waves to natch*

    Yeah guys he's not a miracle worker lol! He had great talent to work with in Steffi. But at this point she needed to make a major change and shake things up. And like Curtis said having a coach watching her full time can only be a benefit.

    The ball toss is def affected by the nerves so if she fixes the latter than the former should come along me thinks. Otherwise she should move over to doubles because she's already hitting her serve near the alley.

    It really is up to her and how hard she's willing to work to get back.

  4. Good for her. I hope he helps her get her forehand back because I always thought that was her best shot and she can do a lot of damage off that side.

    Speaking of Ana, is anyone else as pissed as I am that Ana is replacing Serena in the Billie Jean King Cup?


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