Google Down the Line!: Cutting the tennis calendar could ruin someone's sex life (no, really)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cutting the tennis calendar could ruin someone's sex life (no, really)

Sports Illustrated's Bruce Jenkins is rallying the call for a shorter tennis season in his latest column aptly titled "The season that never, ever ends." And boy, does it NEVAH.

Jenkins gives some insight into who, or what, may be to blame:

"Pick any city on either tour -- it's a seemingly endless list -- and there are extremely wealthy people who can't wait to spend millions of dollars, sponsor a pro event, put on their tennis shorts, schmooze with the elite and generally act like bigshots. These are magnificent, cosmopolitan cities, for the most part. Players see the irresistible lure of travel, revenue, rankings points, reputation, and perhaps some exotic late-night companionship (never rule out the sex factor at the top level of any sport)."

Yes, the international search for sex can never be underestimated when dealing with these matters. Just ask Curlbis.


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  1. so what if the season is long? that's a good thing. Players can choose to play in as many tourneys as they want. Bring the tennis to the fans! the more people who get to go to tournaments the better.

  2. Jenkins article is stupid. The players need a lot of tourneys to earn their living. Not everyone is a Roger Federer.

    And the sentence about the sex factor is the most stupid, I read since a while.


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