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Thursday, February 25, 2010

(UPDATED) Abs, asses, kisses oh my - must be "Gypsy"

Our Rafantasies have finally come true! Well, almost. We don't get to actually live them out but Shakira does for all the world to see. Ah, fuck me sideways.

Rafa's at his man-meat best in this video holding shirtless court as Shak gyrates her gypsy hips for his viewing pleasure. Plus we get a tight shot of his tight ass (and hers too for all two of you straighties out there) with the pair locking lips during a very intimate kiss that ends the video. I'd hate to hear Xisca's reaction after she sees that one - unless she's into swapping. Spit I mean sillies.

So what more can you ask for? It's a pretty sexy coupling that could only get any hawter if they actually had done the deed on screen. Ok, I don't think I can type anymore. I need private time. So, enjoy by clicking here. I will be.

*grabs kleenex*

Here's the English version of the vid...

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  1. *hands Richie lotion*

    You know what? I didn't find it that stimulating. (Thanks for the link any way. I don't want to sound ungrateful.) Sure, it's always good to see Rafaflesh. And Rafass, even it's concealed by jeans. (Mighty fine jeans, though.) I know he's not an actor, but...he's terribly stiff (not in the good way) in the video. And the kisses have no passion. I think I could find something hotter on Cinemax on any night around 11 p.m. (And Cinemax? Not that hot.)
    *shrugs* Eh, maybe it's just because I haven't watched a music video since about 1987. Or that I don't really have a clue who Shakira is. Or that that song isn't something I would listen to.

    "Ah, fuck me sideways."
    Aw, Richie. You are working your way through the advanced section of the Kama Sutra, I see! Let me know when you hit page 249. ;)

  2. Oh, I thought that was the beginner's section. Duh.

    Skinemax! One of my all time faves though it's usually banned in my house. I have to wait for Kalil to travel then it's all mine.

    Yeah Rafa is so stiff in the bad way. Good thing he's a baller, with a sick bod. For me, that makes up for his lack of acting chops.

  3. OMG - thank you, thank you Rich!!!

    It was so good I couldn't take it

    Natch, how could possibly have time to notice the stiff acting while watching that; I was WAY too busy trying to control the convulsions watching all the other stiff and hard body parts.

    I'm getting a little worried about the degree to which I want him. ;)


  4. I hate shakira....i really do!

  5. I totally agree that he looks stiff and all kinds of akward... and the kiss is soo no hot... I live in Mexico and that is nothing hot

  6. Rafa, seriously, will you marry me ??!
    I like the clip. It's true that she more comfortable in front of TV's than him but that's only normal. And I didnt find Rafa so bad at acting, actually (like in his adds, for example).
    About the kiss: it's true that it's not hott, but that's because of Rafi, not 'cause of her ;). I really believe he didnt want to 'do' it for real (the kiss, I mean). Can you imagine watching a sexy kiss from Rafa? o-la- la- laaaa...

  7. Tin,
    Ha! I think I'm spoiled because I work with nearly naked, sweaty athletes every day. I had one tell me this morning that women would pay lots of money to see what I see. :D

    Call me next time Kalil goes out of town. I'll bring the cinnamon oil. ;)

  8. HOT HOT HOT! Love Shaki, but love the sexiness of Rafa in this vid a whole lot more. Great vid, nice song. I'm happy;-)

  9. Very very hot!!! I really wonder how a shy (from what we have seen so far from Rafa) person suddenly becomes the Hunter. Shakira although ten years older than him is stunning.

  10. Raise your hand if you wouldnt mind Rafa sticking his penis in your ass.

    omg. that man is gorgeous. i would bend my knees and go down on him any day, any time.

    fuck me rafa. harder. ahhhh

  11. Radek Stepanek should be in the video instead of Nadal. THAT would be pure sex.


  13. Now I'm jealous of Natch too! ;)

    I can't believe that load of crap that Shak is sellin' as her rationale for using Rafa in the vid (they are similar traveling all the time).

    I hope Xisca's not buying it -- wake up girl, she wants your man!


  14. Not just Shakira, Rafa is gagging for it as well. This "vid" is just an excuse to be all up on each other, anybody can see that. The trick would have been *not* to have let him do this video. But too late Xisca!!

  15. Rafael is absolutely stunning!
    He is SO very handsome! From his bushy mane down to his adorable feet. I think he played his part very well in the video.

    I found the kiss to be very sexy because it came off as intimate and tender. He's SUCH a strong guy, and to then have the ability to just switch it off and be sweet, playful and gentle and light of sends shivers all over my body! The way he lifts her up, twirls her around, holds her hand, slowly approaches her and then lies down and tenderly places his lips on hers...Judging from the little bit that we saw, he is CLEARLY a wonderful kisser in real life.

    *sigh* SUCH a handsome gentleman. I really love him very much and I hope that he is blessed with an injury-free rest of season. I think he's had more than his fair share of "downs", fingers crossed that he has many "ups"!

    VAMOS RAFA! You are such a sexy sweet-heart! <333333

  16. Hehee, after posting my comment above, I realized just how much I tried to compose myself. THAT must be the CALMEST comment ever on this video. Perhaps it's because I've had other opportunities to unleash the rabid fangirl inside of me that my reaction above is more like a doting auntie rather than a horny/obsessed/crazy in love twenty-something fangirl! ;D

    All I have to say is this, if EVER I was oh-so-lucky enough to see Rafa, and to have him look at me with those baby browns, and flash me that gorgeous dimpled smile of his, and his eyes twinkle at me, and his strong yet soft BEAUTIFUL hands raise to wave...I will NOT be responsible for my actions. I think I'll manage to strip, run him down, throw him on the ground, have my way with him, get memorabilia AND some before the security guards lay a hand on me and lock me up somewhere. *siiigh* and boy would it be SO worth it!

  17. with each day passes by, the more i want this man in my bed. damn life is so unfair sometimes

  18. The video is sexy. Rafa is hot but Shakira is criminally beautiful. Rafa would have to be out of his mind not to want such an alluring, desirable woman who CLEARLY wants him too! They make a gorgeous couple.

  19. Rich where are you man? I hope everything is fine. Not seeing any updates from you has me all kinds of concerned. Miss your take on what is happening in tennis these days.

  20. Ditto that on Karen's


  21. Yeah, we miss you...

  22. It smells like rotten corpse in here.

  23. Rich, really, where are you? Is everything alright?


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