Google Down the Line!: Roger Federer or Serena Williams? You decide.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Roger Federer or Serena Williams? You decide.

Roger Federer seems to have taken a page out of "The Life & Times of Serena Williams" during the post-match presser that followed his 6-2, 6-3, 6-2 drubbing of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the Aussie Open semifinals today. Or maybe it's something in the Nike water.

In any case, she couldn't have said it better herself:

Q. You've won finals against Andy, but he's got the better record. Why do you think that is?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, because, first of all, he's a good player. I don't think otherwise you're just gonna start having good records against me.

But, no, without having any ‑‑ taking anything away from him, but I think a few times he played me I wasn't at my very, very best. I think I played him on a couple of occasions. Dubai the first time we played, I just came back from resting, my mono, and everything. I know some don't like to hear it. Some still don't believe me for some reason.

I played him maybe at times when I wasn't at my very, very best. We had some close matches on many occasions where I thought I was in control and I ended up giving the match away by making errors of my own. That was definitely because of his play and the way he plays.

So I think the head‑to‑head could be quite different. But that's why I don't really care too much about how the head‑to‑head stands. Every match is played differently. Best‑of‑five is anyway very different. He's done well against me to win so many matches when he was able to beat me when he was supposed to.

I LOVE when people apologize first before slapping you in the face.

Anyway it seems Fed still has little respect for Muzz's game, the game that holds a winning edge in their H2H (6-4). It must be the counter-punching style that gets under his silky Swiss skin.

Me thinks someone else should shut their pie hole and just play.

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  1. I wish he would have just said that Andy may own their overall head to head but Roger owns their head to head in majors, best of five which is what this is. It's basically what he said in that last paragraph only it would have kept him from kind of sounding like an ass.

  2. Clearly it's Serena. I think the press were just confused by the cardigan.

  3. I so agree with you that he should shut his pie hole and just play. And he always does that, "Without taking anything away from him," "No offense, but..." Don't pretend to be respectful when you're not.
    Anyway, Federer or Serena? Neither, please. Go Murray and Henin!

  4. Can't believe people don't see him as arrogant. He is really arrogant.

  5. Federer is a sore loser, always making excuses for his losses. And as much as I like him, he's annoyingly arrogant. Roger, we all know you're the best eva and all, but shout that mouth from time to time and show respect, because one day you won't play at your level and the likes of Nole and Muzza will kick your ass. Well, to be honest, they've kicked it already many times.

  6. Go Murray!

    ON the flip slide, I'm rooting big time for Serena!

  7. Can someone pass me a barf bag?

    I mean..SERIOUSLY?!

  8. People say Federer is arrogant but he's No.1 in the world with so many records to his name i think he deserves to speak his mind about the situation rather than be all diplomatic.

    Anyway, i really hope Federer hands Murray a big lesson in tennis etiquette, Murray with his constant "Come on's" when his opponent makes an error is just messed up. If he hits a winner by all means go crazy but when he does it on an opponent's error its just so disrespectful.

  9. Since when is it okay to be arrogant and self-centered just because you're good at hitting a fuzzy yellow ball over the net?

    I think Federer was missing an 'Uncle Toni' in his up bringing.
    You can be honest, without being a douche. It's not a case of truth/honest over integrity/dignity.

  10. Murray's no angel himself. To each his own i guess, i would not deem Federer to be arrogant just based on that when he's widely recognized to be one of the nice guys in tennis.

    That's a lot more worst pricks in the tennis world.

  11. "Murray's no angel himself."


    "when he's widely recognized to be one of the nice guys in tennis. "

    I've always wondered about that.
    Me thinks he's a great politician.

    "That's a lot more worst pricks in the tennis world."


  12. Interesting, Roger. So, head to head doesn't matter? I'm sure you'd be saying different if it were 6-4 in your favor. Go Andy! For the sake of my sanity, please win!

  13. Excusing Fed's arrogance because "he's No.1 in the world" is just plain stupid. If you're willing to support this jackass, accept that he's an arrogant douchebag. Don't try to convince others that he's just "speaking his mind" and then call the other guy disrespectful for pumping himself up. Your boy c'mons! his opponents errors too. Pffff! Logic FAIL.

  14. He's very honest (and humorous) when he answers media, and can be very opinionated (as above) and say too much. He's too honest to make a good politician and can come across too arrogant for alot of peoples liking. Even though it's not politically correct what he said...he doesn't mean to sound egotistical, but merely truthful, and I agree with what he said, and the final match result suggests he is right!
    Roger's in a tricky situation being as successful as he is. The more successful he gets the less he can tall poppy syndrome snipers will be looking to shoot and accuse him of something (arrogant) even if it means splitting hairs. It's pretty hard to (honestly) answer the (often stupid) questions he gets asked without coming across cocky. Should he lie about how well he plays? I also think cockiness is a part of his humour. Cut him some slack because most of the top 10 players behave equal/worse on court and when speaking to the press than Roger he's won the ATP "sportsmanship" award 5yrs in a row as voted by fellow players...they'd know him better than most.
    As far as his intent goes I think he is an extremely confident, happy, and proud guy, and realises he is the greatest player of all time. But is a genuinely nice and gracious dude!

  15. Analyze Roddick instead of federer, and see how arrogant he is. Oh! But he's not the greatest player of all time so that wouldn't be as interesting to have an opinion on that now would it. Plus Federer is a nice much easier to target when he does the slightest thing disfavourable, as he has further to fall. Imagine McInroe saying the above...No one would give a monkey's! Considering his success, not many handle PR as well as Federer!!!

  16. Anon 7:09: Roddick is criticized a lot for his behavior on court, he's not exactly treated like a saint. A lot of people, including me, dislike him for some of the things he's said on court.
    And that's the thing about Federer, he handles PR so well that people often give him a pass for the arrogant things he says. But being the best doesn't excuse him for the arrogant things he says in my book, so we have a right to criticize him.


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