Google Down the Line!: Rafa succumbs to injury, retires from Aussie Open quarterfinal match

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rafa succumbs to injury, retires from Aussie Open quarterfinal match

Rafael Nadal's Aussie Open defense came to an abrupt end today when the Matador was forced to retire from his quarterfinal match against Andy Murray with a knee injury trailing 6-3 7-6(2) 3-0. The Brit baller, who has reached his first semifinal in Oz, will now face Marin Cilic for a spot in the final.

The 6-time Grand Slammer was already down 2 sets in this high quality match when he called the trainer to examine his knee with the score at 0-2 in the third. He returned to the court, lost the next game and called it quits.

Rafa discussed the injury in his post-match presser:

Q. Could you let us know what the condition is, what the latest story is with the knee. It's very unusual for you to stop during a match.

RAFAEL NADAL: Yes, well, is not a lot of history because was during the match. Was in the end of the second set in one drop. And I feeled similar thing to what I had last year.

And, yes, after that I can't go down after that, no? So was impossible to win the match. When I have the chance to play, I never retired. Anyway, like I know I going to lose like I did in Rotterdam like last year. I say sorry to Andy for that.

I felt pain still there without no one minimum chance to do nothing, the same time is hard for me be five more games there without try nothing, no? So I don't know if I still playing can go worst or something. So I said, well, no repeat the same mistake like I had last year. I go to the limit, but not cross the limit, no?

Q. Is it the same sort of injury?

RAFAEL NADAL: I say before yes.

Q. Does it feel worse or the same?


Q. Does it feel as bad as it did last year?

RAFAEL NADAL: I don't know, no? Is happen few minutes ago, no?

Q. It happened the end of the second set?


Q. Are there any changes you're going to make to your training style or your playing style?

RAFAEL NADAL: Don't start, guys, with these questions right now. I think is not the right moment. I think I changed the style to play. If you see my matches 2005 or 2004, 2006, I run a lot compared to now, no?

So today I played against one of the best players of the world, and I think I wasn't run more than him. So I played aggressive. I played having the control of the point, a lot of the time with the forehand and the backhand, too, returning aggressive. If you see my matches three years ago, that's didn't happen, no?

Remember, we are playing on hard courts. Probably in this surface I have to play my best tennis, like today, if I really want to have chances to win. If not, then the opponents, there are really good players, and Andy's unbelievable. He's playing really well. You know, with these matches, I think I was very close today. But just little bit more calm when I had the break.

Rafa must be extremely disappointed with having to retire with a recurrence of the knee injury and not defend his title. It must have been pretty serious if he decided not to go on in a quarterfinal match at a Grand Slam. However, he seemed to be very conscious of not pushing the injury too far after last year's issues so let's hope he prevented any long term damage.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I am planning to go to Rotterdam to see Rafa, but I hope he doesn't goes if he is still bothered bij this injury. The most important thing now is that he will be fit for Roland Garros.

  2. Bogus! How disappointing. Rafa's game will never be the same.

  3. You wanna know the real reason Rafa retired?
    ...I left Melbourne the day before this match. ;)
    Sorry, Raf. Next year I'll stay for both weeks. :D

  4. I was really happy with the way Rafa played against Muzzah yesterday, really happy. OK, so he's not there yet, but it's going in the correcto direction, no?
    If it wasn't for the damn knee, he might have been able to fight back and take a set or two, or three!

    natch, I knew you had something to do with it. The way Rafa kept looking at his box anxiously yesterday suggested that he was missing somebody. Now I know. ;)

    Now, Rafa...would you like to come and stay in my rehab centre for a lickle bit injured, hot, young, Mallorcan tennis players with peachy bums? My doors are open for you! :D

  5. natch! you're back!! hope the trip was fun - sounded like it anyway. i guess rafa wanted to see you sooner than later? just a guess.

    cc: for sure he would've fought back hard. he was pushing hard to get back in the second set. alas, we'll nevah know.

  6. CC,
    Rafa told me he just left that rehab center before he arrived in Oz. That rascal never mentioned he knew you!
    Although he did mention a lusty Swede with more than her doors open. You would have thunk I would have picked up on that, wouldn't you? ;)

    "natch! you're back!!"
    My back? What about my front? I get complimented on those all the time. ;)
    The mountain was the best time I've ever had. Argentina was filled with beautiful people. It's a requirement there. They deport you to Ecuador if you are born homely.;)
    (jk, Ecuadorians. You are a lovely people, I am sure. But even you must admit that nobody compares to Argentinians.)
    However, once I was in the southern hemisphere, I could smell Rafa. So I just turned right and stalked him...erm, I mean flew, to Oz.
    Were his shorts as see-through on television as they were up close and personal? *faints*

  7. agree, ALL Argentinians (Argentines, as in "Annie") are among the most full-of-love people on earth.

    Rafa!!! we're not even that worried. He'll be back. I'm a little worried.

  8. Poor Rafa! My two favorite players have more or less retired (first Rafa, then Nole.. well he didn't retire but he was struggling with sickness and the match was his to win). So now I'm only left with Murray to salvage this whole thing. Go Andy!

  9. t,
    Sorry. I know "Argentine" is preferred, or, at least one of my clients, who is one, prefers it. I like Argentinian better because it's a bigger and more descriptive word. It sounds so full of pride like they are. But mostly, I got used to using it because it really pisses my client off. :D I'll try to do better next time.

  10. So sad. I was so touched to see just how much affection Murray has for Rafa. That says a lot!

    Murray doesn't have affection like that for ANYBODY on tour! Rafa was so disappointed to have had to retire, and Murray was so sympathetic because he knows just how much that kills him. He had a lot of great things to say about him on court and in his presser.

    Rafa was as gracious as ever in his presser. Saying that Murray played great and deserved the victory. And that he deserves to win his first Grand Slam and that Rafa believes he can do it.

    Awwww! <3


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