Google Down the Line!: Rafa out four weeks with knee injury, pulls out of Rotterdam

Friday, January 29, 2010

Rafa out four weeks with knee injury, pulls out of Rotterdam

Rafael Nadal will be out a total of 4 weeks to recover from the knee injury he sustained during his quarterfinal match against Andy Murray at the Aussie Open.

The Majorcan Matador suffered a minor tear to a tendon in his right knee and will need 2 weeks to rehabilitate the knee and will return to training over the following 2 weeks. He has pulled out of Rotterdam which begins on February 8.

He said this injury is different than the one that forced him out of his Wimbledon defense in 2009:

"As I said in Melbourne after the game... I knew the injury wasn't the same as the one I suffered last year.

"I am feeling well and am only thinking about how long it will take me to recover. I am disappointed to be missing the Rotterdam tournament. It is an event I would like to have won as I nearly did last year.

"I'm not overly worried about my ranking... all I want to do is to feel good on the court again, something I had achieved in Abu Dhabi, Doha and Melbourne where I was competing to a high standard."

I'd say this news is pretty good Rafanatics. Yeah, it's a month but the injury could've been a lot worse and taken a longer time to recover.

Here's to a speedy recovery Rafa!

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  1. I just think it's damn unlucky. Damn. Unlucky. That's what I think.

    Need someone to rub you Rafa? The knee, I mean...?

  2. I'll rub you everywhere else, Rafa.

  3. Too bad I won't be seeing him play this year, but a good decision.

  4. Get well soon! Hugs & kisses & support from all of your fans around the universe! <3

    Tennis isn't the same without you! You're missed already! @-8--


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