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Sunday, January 31, 2010


...when I came on tour, matches were played very differently. It was more of a bluff game, guys serving well, but there was always a weakness you could go to. Today that doesn't exist anymore. I think that's also thanks to guys like Murray. They've made me a better player, because I think this has been one of my finest performances, you know, in a long time, or maybe forever.

- Roger Federer after defeating Andy Murray 6-3, 6-4, 7-6(11) to win his fourth Aussie Open crown and 16th major title.

The Swiss won the battle of court positioning in this match by stepping inside the court to attack any balls left hanging by Muzz. You knew the Brit baller was in trouble when Fed managed to stay steady and patient in the cross-court backhand rallies before finding his favored forehand drive.

This loss will be a tough one for Muzz after having chances in the first and letting go of leads in the third set and in the final tiebreak. Let's hope the next time he comes onto the court ready to play a Grand Slam final he'll be more relaxed and find a more effective balance between steady groundstroking and calculated shot-making. He didn't take his opportunities to be more aggressive and paid the price.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Agree that Murray was too edgy for his own good. But his speech will win him a few more fans. Of course the Brits get to wring their hands before the Big "W".

  2. Anyone else thinks Roger had his speech well prepared before the match? Geez, this guy is so full of himself that he expects to win all the time and prepares these kind of "condescendent" speeches for his defeated opponents. I hate his perfection, lol.
    Go Muzza, next time Fed will be toast, it's just a matter of him getting older. Fed fans should enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. Do not feel so sorry for Murray, it is only his 2nd defeat to Fed in a final.....think about A-Rod instead, he has been there so many times but he is still standing and still fighting. He takes his defeat like a man.

  4. Awww...Happy Birthday, Richie!
    *big kiss*

    Good on ya, Roger! There are very few things in tennis that shock me any more, but that destruction of Murray definitely was not what I was expecting. (It seems he wasn't expecting it, either.)
    It will be interesting to see how Andy responds to this.

  5. Well deserved by Roger! And he deserved all the confidence.
    For the comment above about Roger's being full of himself, wait until you meet Murray in person. I did, and you know what, he deserved being blasted out of the court.
    After this match, the man will come out of him and be ready for a Trophy. Until then, Let's go Roger for number 17.


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