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Friday, January 15, 2010

PUT A CAP ON IT: Reeshard

After resolving his recent off-court issues Richard Gasquet is one win away from capturing his first title in over 2 years - allez! He'll face a resurgent Marcos Baghdatis who edged out Mardy Fish 6-4, 6-7(7), 7-6(5) in the final.

So I don't know if Reeshard is in pain, in need of a bathroom break, or is in pain because he needs to use the bathroom like REALLY badly.

WTH is going on here?!

[Photo(s): AP]


  1. Put A Cap On It? Looks like someone's getting a cap IN it. Ouch! ;)

    Hey can I just say how happy I am for both Richie & Baggy? May the best man win!

    And to my other Richie: so happy to see you posting again! *hugs*

  2. johanne: Put A Cap On It? Looks like someone's getting a cap IN it. Ouch! ;)

    i knew that facial expression looked familiar. lol

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I'm so glad to see him back winning. I love this boy. I hope he wins today/tomorrow. He still has to fix a lot of things (first serve) but at least he defended his points and is now getting more. Speaking of caps, I miss his backwards cap. I understand that he probably stopped wearing it because of his shampoo deal but I miss it nonetheless.

    It's great to have you back too Rich. It's not the same without you.


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