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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

PHOTO OP: Vika's best bitchface


Victoria Azarenka played the best set and a half of her entire life in the Aussie Open quarterfinals but then she remembered she was playing Serena Williams.

The Belarussian basher had ReRe running all over the court by ripping her backhand at will and breaking down the defending champ's forehand. But after falling down a set and 0-4 the top seed upped her game (what level WAS that?) in a classic display of tenacity and grit hitting return winners off first serves and moving more freely around the court securing a 4-6, 7-6(4), 6-2 win. She'll face Na Li, who edged out sister Venus Williams, in the first error-strewn quarterfinal.

Vika played a great match and didn't falter in the stretch. It was ReRe's ability to find another gear in her game and surpass anything the 20-year old could throw at her. We've all seen this play before I don't think it was surprising - even to Vika:

Q. Serena said she thought she was gone at 4‑Love. Did you think you had her as well?

VICTORIA AZARENKA: 4‑Love. Not really. I know she's gonna fight until the last point. She started playing unbelievable, I think, from 4‑Love. I don't know. I don't know if she really felt that way, because she started playing really good.

Good to see Vika's great attitude during and after this loss, which has to be somewhat disappointing. But she mostly kept her shit together and will no doubt breakthrough soon.

[Photo(s): Reuters]

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  1. Hey Rich, what's up? Yeah, I don't think Vika's going to be particularly shattered over this loss, and I'm sure she's going to come through big sometime soon. But I think it would be good for the women's game if young players like her got into the Slam-winning mix sooner.

  2. van, in order for them to get into the mix they have to be willing to step it up in the big moments. You dont have a champion at a set and 4-0 and not go in for the kill. Serena did it, Venus did it, Sharapova did it. Rafa did it. You have to take them out. Kudos to her for playing a very good match and this should stand her in good stead going forward.

  3. yeah, quite the opposite she looked and sounded pleased with her game and seemed to take a lot of positives from the match. but it's a big hump she has yet to climb and conqueror particularly winning a first set at a major against a top baller and not, as Karen said, going in for the kill. She needs to find that next level the way ReRe did in those moments - hopefully that's one of the big lessons she took from this loss.

  4. I was happy that she kept her emotions in check, despite everything happening around her. Serena's come back was SICK. She's a lionness- love her!

    Looking forward to a Henin-Williams anyone believes we'll see anything else?!

  5. I've ben thinking all day (no really, it's sad) about the chances of 1. an all-Chinese final and 2. which CHN lady baller has the better chance to make it if only one can go.

    I think Zheng because if she attacks Justine's second serve (of which there have been many) she has a shot or Li if ReRe's hurting more after yesterday's match. She looked like she may have tweaked her back now too.


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