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Thursday, January 21, 2010

HE SAID/SHE SAID: Oz Open Day Four

Q. A lot better players like yourself have a particular trademark shot or style: Federer, movement, say, forehand; Roddick, serve.

NOVAK DJOKOVIC: You tell me what's mine, because I cannot figure it out. (Laughter.) I still didn't figure out. I wanted to hear if you maybe know.

I don't know. It's hard to say. I like the backhand long line. I'm a baseline player and my game is based from that part of the court.

But, you know, I've been starting to work a lot lately on my volley game, net play, and trying to take the balls a bit earlier and use the chances and be more aggressive. Of course, the serve.

So I could say for myself that I'm all‑around player, but probably the backhand long line is...

Q. Is [doubles] a fun thing for you? Does it sort of relax you?

SERENA WILLIAMS: Definitely relaxes me. Sometimes I get stressed out because I don't like to lose in doubles. We take it very serious. You know, we had fun yesterday, but we're serious out there nowadays. We go for the best that we can do.

Q. Have you ever played with anyone else in doubles?

SERENA WILLIAMS: I have. I played, believe it or not, with Martina Navratilova . That was after the comeback, just F.Y.I., it wasn't when she was No. 1. I'm not that old. (Laughter.)

Q. Tomic was pretty critical about the scheduling of his match last night and the fact that it went too late. Just wondering, as someone who has finished a match after 4:00 a.m. Does he have a case?

LLEYTON HEWITT: Yeah, as I said, I don't know why they're putting some mens matches first and some after the women's. I have no idea. We've all been prepared, I guess, if we do go five sets, nine times out of ten I've always been the second match after the women's.

There's only been a couple occasions in my career that I've played in the last couple of years that I've played a 7:00 or 7:30 match. You always know if you go five sets it's gonna be a long night. That's just how it is.

Q. Should he expect any sort of leniency? He said because he was young, it was hard for him that late. Is that just part of the learning experience?

LLEYTON HEWITT: I think it's part of learning. I don't know whether he requested night or day or what he did. If you get scheduled at night, yeah, that's what's gonna happen. You gotta be prepared for that to happen.

Q. Have you met other members of the Royal family before at Wimbledon?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, the ones on court at the trophy ceremony. Do those count for you, or not?

Q. Yeah. (Laughter.)

ROGER FEDERER: Because those you should know. I mean, but not...

Q. But chatty‑wise?

ROGER FEDERER: Chatty‑wise, no, I don't recall. No. Chitchat, no. English breakfast tea? No, not yet.

Q. Are you a vodka drinker?


Q. Is that where you get your strength from?

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: No, I don't drink really. I don't drink so much because, you see, I'm skinny. I mix only. Sometimes I drink clear vodka, sometimes mixed with Red Bull. Little bit get power in night club or disco.

Because if I drink only vodka I go sleep straight. That's what's something change.

Q. If you retire and you explain to your children why you're not working anymore...

NIKOLAY DAVYDENKO: It's interesting. We're not talking about tennis. We're talking about my life. This is my first experience like this in the press (laughter.)

Q. Can you tell us what they say when they sing in the crowd?

MARCOS BAGHDATIS: A lot of things: Marcos, I love you. I will never stop singing for you. Stuff like this.

[Photo(s): Getty, AP]

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  1. Ugh, that Tomic kid hasn't even accomplished anything of note and he's already a thorn in everyone's side. It's mostly that ghastly punk and his terror of a father but I blame Australian tennis too for these shennanigans. Giving him undeserved wildcards, press coverage out the wazoo and night matches on Laver have fed his preposterous sense of entitlement. Like my butcher says, if you shove your head up your ass don't be surprised when you encounter shit.

  2. LOL @ your butcher...

    I wonder if he'll go the way of Donald Young who got similar treatment in the U.S. but still hasn't come through yet. He def got the WCs thought and I remember that first round match at the U.S. Open against Blake. Bernie has the physique and talent to make his mark at a younger age me thinks.

    Anyway, it's amazing how much they heap on these young kids with tons of potential but no results to speak of. Then they wonder why they act the way they do.

  3. Yeah, I love my butcher. He's like my old Jewish grandmother only he swears...and is a hairy man.

    Even though I've grown to dislike him, I don't wish him Young's fate. I first heard of Donald when he won the junior's AO and have been waiting ever since for his big statement but like you said, they (parents & USTA) heaped way too much on him and he has failed to deliver. There really is nothing sadder than wasted potential especially for these athletes who have been groomed for the sport and really have nothing else.

    It's sad how reckless some of the adults behind these phenoms are with the kids. I can't help but think of husband #1, Richard. He made it to the upper echelons of tennis and has enjoyed success but he hasn't come anywhere near fulfilling the hype thrown his way since he was a small boy on the cover of French tennis magazines. After a certain point it stops being about your parents and federation and you're the only one to blame for your defeats but we fans can tell that the damage is still there.

  4. Poor Hubbie #1 - he got it Capriati-style which is worse than Bernie + Donald put together.

  5. Definitely but through all the trials and tribulations, I'll be there offering "a shoulder to cry on."

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