Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Hit for Haiti a huge success

Sunday, January 17, 2010

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Hit for Haiti a huge success

The charity exhibition Hit for Haiti, which was formed by Roger Federer to raise funds for the earthquake-ravaged country, was held today at Rod Laver Arena and turned out to be a tremendous success.

The sold-out event raised $159,000 from ticket sales and public donations while Maria Sharapova donated $10,000 to support the efforts. Tournament organizers expect the total to increase.

Congrats to all involved - good fun, great cause!

More images from the exo below. Click here to watch some of the play.

UPDATE: It looks like the amount raised by the event has increased to $185,000!

[Photo(s): Getty, AP, Reuters]


  1. Is that Serena sitting next to Clijsters? I'd like to know what they talked about(thats if they talked).

    The pictures are amazing. Looks like they had plenty of fun while hitting for Haiti. lol @Nole acting a fool like always :-)

  2. Serena and Kim got along well the whole night, and Serena laughed when Andy made cracks about 'the incident': a linesman called a foot fault on him, so Roddick turned around and informed him to be careful because Serena was around. She was laughing her ass off. They all made fun of themselves the entire event.

  3. AWESOME event -- too many great one-liners to even start.

    I think my favorite part was Rafa and Kim running in unison.

    Also, Serena's outfit was really pretty -- she looked quite slim at the waist and tres cute delicate detailing on the skirt.

    Everything about Hit for Haiti -- perfection, most of all support for the victims!


  4. Amazing, all the tops were awesome! Novak was funny as hell, Rafa was his usual sweet self and Roger gracious as ever. The girls too! They should do this more often...

  5. I'm tripped that the players got a chance to relax...and that they did this cool charity.


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