Google Down the Line!: (UPDATED) Must Be Melbourne: Shirtless practices begin for Del Potro and Roddick

Thursday, January 14, 2010

(UPDATED) Must Be Melbourne: Shirtless practices begin for Del Potro and Roddick

"These balls have some funk."

I figured these shirtless baller shots were as good a place as any to start back up. And so I am.

The latest member of the shirtless brigade, Juan Martin del Potro, was spotted at Melbourne Park today grabbing a practice hit ahead of next week's Australian Open. The Argentine was forced to withdraw from his match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at the Kooyong warm up with a wrist injury though it doesn't seem to be bothering him here.

Who knew Delpo had a full-on body carpet? It seems to run from head, to face, to neck, to body, to *blank* (I'm guessing), to toe (I'm still guessing.) I'd like proof on those last two areas however.

Andy Roddick, who possibly inspired two female koalas to go gay for him, was also seen getting his shirtless practice on at the venue. He's even selling a stuffed koala via his website so you too can share a piece of that action. Don't lie - you know you want to.

Anyway, enjoy A-Rod's shirtless shots.

UPDATE: Thanks to xeres18 for sending links over of Carlos Moya + Fernando Gonzalez in all their shirtless glory. Now back to your regularly scheduled droolfest already in progress...

[Photo(s): PAUL CROCK/AFP/Getty Images]


  1. ok great. these were the appetizers, now to main course - RAFA! is there any shirtless sighting yet?!
    i'm dying here

  2. To think that we won't get to see any pictures of shirtless Safin this year. Le sigh.

  3. del Potro is on a roll this year. After beating Nadal and Roger back to back his confidence level will be on a high.He will be on a high during the Australian Open.

  4. Andy is the appetizer, the main course and the dessert.....he is the best of them all.

  5. Delpo is just so lovely and fluffy, don't you just want to rub your face all over him, mmm.

    Lovely to have you back, chico. The unrestrained perving this blog offers is second to none.


  6. t: ROFL I'm here to serve pervishness daily. And speaking of, the weekend before play commences usually provides tons of skin. Now, more shirtless shots boys (read: WTF Rafa, show it!)


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