Google Down the Line!: Misha vs. NaturAna: A salute can say so much

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Misha vs. NaturAna: A salute can say so much

Did you know you can tell the state of a baller's game just by the kind of salute they offer the fans? Let me explain.

First up: Mikhail Youzhny. He escaped an epic 5-set battle in the Aussie Open first round against Richard Gasquet after having match points against him then walloped Jan Hajek in three swift sets. But I wouldn't need to know all that stuff. Why? I could just examine his salute! Take a look at his photo above:

A) Tennis racquet - His racquet is resting nicely on his noggin in a straight line. This signals someone who's feeling balanced and steady with his energy flowing nicely.

B) Hands - One of Misha's hands is holding the racquet firmly while the other hand is performing a strong salute. These actions speak to a solid work ethic and deep discipline. Good job.

C) Face - The Russian eyes are intense and focused and he's smiling because he knows all that hard work and sacrifice is paying off at a major. Booyah!

Now, let's take a look at Ana Ivanovic shall we?

As we all know poor NaturAna was upset (and I use that term VERY loosely here) at the Aussie Open yesterday by Gisela Dulko and hasn't made it past the fourth round at a major in her last six tries. Boo. But even if I didn't know all that info, I could just look at her salute to know how her game was going:

A) Tennis racquet - MESS. Yonex is completely slipping off her head. In fact, I don't think it's even touching that raven hair. Now this is a classic sign of imbalance with a little impatience thrown in for good measure. Is she even trying???

B) Hands - I mean, REALLY. The hands aren't even being allowed to do their job because righty needs to catch the falling racquet while lefty is keeping her head from exploding. Geez.

C) Face - It seems her eyes are stunned while her mouth is probably saying something I shouldn't repeat here (in Serbian no doubt.) A girl's gotta have her secrets I suppose, though we're not fooled. It's time to take baby to therapy.

So next time you miss a match, just take a peek at the pix. They really ARE worth a thousand words. Or something like that.

[Photo(s): Getty]

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  1. This is a classic, just fabulous. You are too funny.

    Grins & Giggles,

  2. what a coincidence!!! poor Ana, I think this has become her new signature

  3. I kept waiting for Ana to use those man hands to smash the racket and curse out the chair umpire in yesterday's match. I would love to see Ana blow up on a umpire one of these days. That would be hilarious.

  4. OMG, Curtis is SO right, total man hands! And, is it just the clarity of the picture, or is she in need of some, ummmm, grooming.

    I'm actually worried for her, b/c that pose reminds me of a Nicole Vaidisova pose...



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