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Thursday, January 28, 2010

MEDIA MASHUP: Dude, shut your pie hole

"It won't shut. No, seriously."

Andy Murray
gave us his best "O" face after hitting an unbelievably sick passing shot by a helpless Marin Cilic during his semifinal win over the Croat last night at the Aussie Open.

I guess if this tennis thing doesn't pan out he could put that hole to work.

Here's a clip of that shot in case you missed it:

[Photo(s): Getty, video: TheRick1993]

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  1. LMAO!!!

    *picks self up from floor*

    Oh GAWD that was good. In my fantasies or in the real reality? Fuck it, NO.

  2. Fantasies are always better than reality, Richie. Go with those.

    Oh, and good luck, Andy Murray!

    Oh, and this has nothing to do with Murray except for the fact he interviewed him on court afterward, but I floved the color of Courier's shirt. That color makes natch happy. :D

  3. What a way to break Cilic's serve :D

  4. Piehole? An entire truck of pie could go in there!

  5. The only thing that wouldn't fit in there is his ego. ;)

  6. Reminds me of the scene in The Mummy when the Pharaoh's face is in the sand storm wanting to swallow Brendan Fraser's plane.

  7. Daryl,

    SO TRUE! Actually, he kinda looks like those horses in the cartoons.

    Murray FTW on Sunday.

    P.S. I only just realized what a gem Rafa's fist pumps are and how hard it is to actually DO them.

    No player, and I mean, NO player, can fist pump like Rafa.

    Absolute EPIC!

  8. So true Michelle.

    I get an orgasm just WATCHING Rafa fist pump!

    None of the other guys can fist pump worth shit...wimps.

  9. I found this thanx to James La Rosa's tweet

    Wonder if it's first time TMZ has featured a ball player..hmm

  10. The link isnt complete so posting the link again

  11. Nope.
    They featured Rafa more than once.

    It kind of disturbs and upsets me actually...


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