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Friday, January 22, 2010

HE SAID/SHE SAID: Oz Open Day Five

Q. You looked really relaxed out there. What did you do on your day off?

DINARA SAFINA: Well, yesterday what I do? Nothing. Practice as early as possible because I want to have as much rest as possible. So I practice early. Then I come back to the hotel. I eat somewhere close to the hotel. Then just hanging around in the room, watching movies.

The only thing I did yesterday, I went to the bookstore, and I bought from Julie and Julia cookbook. This is what made me walk out of the room.

Q. Did you see the movie?

DINARA SAFINA: That's what made me buy the book. I had to buy two books. I like cooking. I'm having new apartment in Moscow. I'm like, Okay, instead of library of books, I'll have cookbooks. I want to cook.

Q. Are you a good cook?

DINARA SAFINA: I'm just starting, you know. Until now nobody got sick, so this is the positive (smiling.) They might like, not like, but if they have problems with the stomach, it's not good.

But until now, nobody would complain about the stomach (laughter).

Q. What is your signature dish?

DINARA SAFINA: Actually, I can make not bad asparagus, risotto with asparagus. This is the thing that I can do. And, of course, green salad with olive oil.

Q. Pat Rafter said you could be the next man to dominate men's tennis in the world. What do you think of that?

JUAN MARTIN DEL POTRO: I don't know. He knows about this sport. But I don't want extra pression (sic). I have too much pression with me. So thank you to Patrick, but I have a long way to be the next No. 1 or to be better.

Q. You talked the other day about feeling nerves at the end of the Dementieva match. When you were down 3‑1, were you more relaxed today?

JUSTINE HENIN: I just tried to stay calm. I just tried to, you know, wait for that things were going better, and that paid. That was the most important thing. If you get crazy at that time, I mean... I just tried to play point after point, be focused on every moment, even if it's not easy.

Proved again that that's probably a good attitude to have. But sometimes it's okay, and sometimes you lose. But today I feel like I'm very happy to be in the tournament, to have another opportunity to play another match.

It's been more than what I could expect when I arrive in Australia. Now, even if I have the ambition to go further and win every match that I'll play, everything's bonus for me.

Q. Is there a story behind the new diamond ring you have on?

JUSTINE HENIN: Well, it's not coming from a lover, if that's the question (laughter).

Q. Is it just something you've treated yourself with?

JUSTINE HENIN: It's a gift from a friend. But nothing else, yeah (smiling). I was surprised the question didn't come earlier actually.

Q. Beyond just this match, how do you strike the balance between playing with passion but managing emotion?

ANDY RODDICK: Is, I don't know, an acceptable answer (laughter)?

As far as point to point, I think I approach matches maybe a lot more even keel than I used to. I kind of negotiate my way through the match. I'm assuming this is in reference to the other day [when he argued the umpire an cursed.]

Q. Overall.

ANDY RODDICK: Yeah, overall I'd say I've definitely learned the balance. You know, obviously some things change in the heat of the moment. But what was a little bit lost the other day was the fact that, you know, it happened. I went and finished the match, then had my ‑ we'll call it an episode.

Q. In the first set up two breaks, were you thinking that you were playing really well?

NADIA PETROVA: I wasn't actually thinking anything. That was a good thing (laughter).

As soon as the point was over, my priority was the next point. I really wanted to win it badly. You know, that way I start collecting point by point, game by game.

[Photo(s): AP, Reuters]

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