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Monday, January 18, 2010

FASHION FIX: Murray crushes Anderson in Oz, debuts adidas Competition line

Andy Murray, who is still searching for his maiden major, got off to a blistering start at the Aussie Open.

The Brit baller stomped all over South African Kevin Anderson 6-1, 6-1, 6-2 in the opening round hitting 37 winners against 19 errors, 9 aces, and converting 8 of 12 break points all while throwing down a paltry 35% first serve percentage. He'll need to better than that stat when he faces either Frenchie Marc Gicquel or Simone "The Beautiful" Bolelli in the next round.

Muzz also debuted the new adidas Andy Murray Competition duds designed specifically with the fifth seed in mind. He's wearing the Traditional Polo in blue + acid buzz ($54) which features a 3-button placket collar with contrasting side panels and a mesh panel on back for ventilation.

The polo is paired with the Bermuda Shorts in white ($46) which have a mesh-lined inset and contrast markings on back.

And of course Muzz will be wearing the uber-popular Barricade V's ($110) in blue + white.

Firstly, let me say I really miss him in Fred Perry. Their designs were so beautifully classic and helped Muzz stand out from the crowd of techno fibers and glaring color choices. I particularly loved when they took vintage looks and styles and gave them a modern twist for his matches.

That being said I like the use of acid buzz to help these pieces pop against the blue courts, even though I don't find the actual design compelling (or the roomy fit for that matter.)

But kudos to adidas for giving the 22-year old his own special gear to wear. Let's hope he makes it worth their while.

[Photo(s): Clive Brunskill/Getty Images]


  1. "Firstly, let me say I really miss him in Fred Perry. Their designs were so beautifully classic..."

    But...but...that was the problem right there, no? Fred Perry only gave him a kinda classic design for Wimbly last year (which I loved). The rest of the time it was just fugly, oversized stuff like...yeah, Adidas stuff. Fred Perry f-cked it up big time, in my opinion. Shame that.

  2. Yeah, see what you're saying CC, but this is not a good color choice imo! He's playing on a BLUE court for godsake, and they gave him almost the same shade for his shirt! He doesnt stand out much at all.

    At least Federer's shirt is a lighter shade
    xx Jyocka

  3. Acid buzz?! What color is marijuana high?

  4. Love the shoes, love the blue, don't mind the acid whatever it is colour. Hate that it is a polo shirt.

  5. CC: True not everything was beautifully classic but they managed to stay away from outlandish designs elements or crayola colorways for their clothing. After having to look at most of adidas' stuff the last few years it was a welcome relief at least to me.

    Acid buzz?! What color is marijuana high?

    ROFL no comment 'cause, uh, I wouldn't know.

  6. Muzz actually looked good to me in his new duds. Maybe it's his tan, but the outfit didn't hurt.

    I agree that Fred Perry wasted a chance. But I guess money talks and who knows how much loot Mr. Murray wanted.


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