Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Jankovic downs Niculescu, debuts latest ANTA party piñata

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FASHION FIX: Jankovic downs Niculescu, debuts latest ANTA party piñata

Jelena Jankovic made a strong start to her campaign for a first Aussie Open crown and maiden major title.

The former No. 1 faced a tough opening set against Monica Niculescu but served the Romanian a bagel for brunch reaching the second round with a 6-4, 6-0 victory. She'll face Brit lady baller Katie O'Brien for a spot in the third round.

Well, what more can I say about JJ's piñata tendencies when it comes to her ANTA fashion? She debuted another gem in this series of party pieces, though this blue tank dress featuring front ribbing and a multi-colored triple-tiered skirt isn't SO frightening (if you need a reminder of 'frightening' click here - you've been warned.) It's too bad the designers couldn't find a way to make the unfortunate sweat marks a little less conspicuous as well.

BTW, if anyone's interested I think I found the designer's inspiration.

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  1. As a figure skating fan, I should like it but I don't. I guess she's channeling the vancouver olympics to keep cool down in australia, a mind over matter kind of thing but based on those scary sweat stains, it's not working.

  2. LOL Rich and Sara, it does say figure skating pinata.

    And also, give it a touch of red, and you've got Rainbow Brite


  3. I bet Pinata could've been an ice skater. She does have a strong build and she's not too tall. And you're right she's wearing white sneakers like ice skating booties.

    Now I'm all confused seeing a pinata on ice.

  4. Hey--am liking the blog v. much.
    I actually like this JJ dress compared with most ANTA atrocities. The colours are OK and it looks good in motion. Maybe it's cos there are far worse combos out there:
    Safarova's 80s-inspired horrorific ensemble, V's ballroom hooker in canary, ReRe's breast-plate & Rezai's bacofoil-chiffon schizophrenia-on-court to name a few. So yeah. Tennis fashion is divisive shit i guess...



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