Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Dark+Dreamy vs. Nice Nole - which would you like?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

FASHION FIX: Dark+Dreamy vs. Nice Nole - which would you like?

Novak Djokovic debuted his gear from new sponsor Sergio Tacchini gear for the Oz Open (left, worn with the adidas CC Genius II White/Black) during his 7-5, 6-3, 6-2 defeat of Spaniard Daniel Gimeno-Traver. He'll face Switzerland's Marco Chiudinelli for a spot in the third round.

I was pretty surprised to see the outfit the Italian brand chose for Nole. It's completely different from their traditionally classic stylings though the fit is still spot on and the design is typically minimal. Perhaps he'll be "Dark+Dreamy" Nole for the night matches only. We'll see.

For my tastes, the duds he wore at the Kooyong exo last week (right) were my fave. Preppy, for sure, but super cute.

I'm sure some of us will disagree on which Nole we like better here, but I bet we can all agree on which way we'd always like him.

Even better...

[Photo(s): AP, Getty]


  1. Of all the blue at the AO this year, I like his the best (undecided on the dark gear).

    Overall, there is WAY too much blue going on though. I know everyone fancies and worships Fed, but this is getting insane with the blue. It looks all kinds of wrong in contrast with the AO courts!

    They're really muckering it up by the blue combos they're choosing too:
    MacMopey's blue and yellow - oh, for the love of all that is fashion sacred...; Shrieka's blue (which I contend was really green, but if Nike wants to claim blue, whatevs) and mold covered bib - nuff said about it; JJ's blue and rainbow getup - there are no words!

    Seriously people, NO MORE BLUE!


  2. LOL @ Tin. LOVE the outrage.

    Yeah there is a lot of blue this year. I'm happy a number of the lady ballers - ReRe, NaturAna, V - are wearing yellow and some - Corney, Gisela - are wearing orange. They both look really great against the blue courts.

  3. ...oh yeah, Rafa also in orange thought that outfit totally BUGS.

  4. Black outfit for the win. *dabs at drool*

    You came back ready for the Aussie Open! Loving the posts Rich!


  5. I like Nole in any color. I'm sooo easy...

  6. Thanks skivvy - it's all that pent up energy from actually taking the off-season OFF! You know I'd prefer Nole in nothing at all but I'd also like to take Nice Nole and teach him a few things. Dark+Dreamy could probably teach me a few things tho.

    I guess I'll have to take both.

    *licks chops*

  7. what a fine figure of a man! looks good in anything.

  8. Funny Hallowe'en moment if Nole and Rafa make the finals.


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