Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: Anything you can wear I can wear...worse?

Monday, January 18, 2010

FASHION FIX: Anything you can wear I can wear...worse?

Seriously Sesil.

If you're going to pick a knock off to wear at the Oz Open, why pick Wozzi's adidas by Stella McCartney dust mop from last season?

The real version was questionable at best but this no name version is full-on fug. Plus, it's doing strange things to your skin tone. Yikes.

[Photo(s): TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images]


  1. Sorry, but Sesil playing with Adidas Stella, but the dress was bought for herself.


  2. can't understand the fuss bout this ugly dress, really

  3. I'm surprised she would wear it knowing Stella only sponsors one lady baller at a time to wear her collection. Plus, it's so reminiscent of Wozzi that fans will only think of her when seeing this dust mop.

  4. Hello boy! I confirm and Stella really dresses this collection sold in stores do not have the logo on the front, just on the back, which is the case of Sesil.
    Kisses and love your blog.


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