Google Down the Line!: FASHION FIX: adidas by Stella McCartney keeps Wozniacki dusty + drab for Oz Open

Friday, January 15, 2010

FASHION FIX: adidas by Stella McCartney keeps Wozniacki dusty + drab for Oz Open

Here's the new adidas by Stella McCartney get up Caroline Wozniacki will be wearing as she goes for her maiden major at the Australian Open next week.

She'll be working the Tennis Performance Dress ($150) in alloy (which is a light grey-blue colorway) featuring an embroidered floral motif on front paired with the biker-style Tennis Performance Hooded Jacket ($175) in slate green featuring a plethora of zippers, pockets and flaps.

To help with all those miles she'll be racking up playing her counter-punching (some would say "moonballing") style Wozzi will be wearing the Lucrari Tennis Performance Shoe ($185) in running white, aluminium + apollo. These trainers are based on the uber-popular adidas Barricade V's.

This dress has a much better fit + silhouette for Wozzi than the Tennis Dress she wore to last season's US Open and beyond which many of you despised. Add to this the embroidered floral motif and the whole look gives her a much needed feminine touch. However, they continue to outfit the fair-skinned Dane in colors that are dusty + drab which makes her look, uh, dusty + drab.

You're almost there Stella McCartney. Almost.

For a closer look at the pieces click here. AND, for a closer look at Wozzi's unshaven stems click here. Nice work adidas.



  1. Why is Stella McCartney afraid of color? Seriously, it's not just that the grays and beiges don't flatter Caroline, it's also that they just look very boring at a tournament like AO. We need shit to pop noot poop.

  2. It's hard to believe that any clothing designer would put those ugly clothes on a gorgeous Scandinavian blonde like Caroline Wozniacki. What's even harder to believe is that she would accept it. I don't get it. What could be the explanation here? Even Aravane Rezai wore black and gold lame at Sydney.


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