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Friday, September 25, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Reeshard has white flakes everywhere (well, mostly)

In honor of Richard Gasquet's lawsuit getting dismissed by French prosecutors, essentially clearing him of any wrongdoing (yay!), and "Pamela" being sent to rehab (oh well!) let's take a look at his recent French ad campaign for Head & Shoulders.

It's good to see Reeshard having fun again, eh?


It seems he's not the only one having fun with "white flakes", though:

Thanks Sara!

(Photo: Lequipe)

PHOTO OP: NaturAna still all about "Me, Myself" for adidas

Thanks to DtL reader Allison for tipping me off to new images of Ana Ivanovic in the Spring/Summer 2010 "Me, Myself" adidas campaign.

It really is sad to see how far the Serb has fallen since the launch of the original campaign this past February. NaturAna looks great, of course, but I'm sure the sports brand is wondering if she's still worth the investment.

(Photos: Courtesy of adidas via

SIGHTING: RoKa return to Italy, take in Armani fashion show

Roger Federer and wife Mirka returned to Italy to take in Giorgio Armani's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection in Milan as guests of Vogue editrix and premiere Fed stalker Anna Wintour.

The 15-time Grand Slammer announced his withdrawal from Tokyo + Shanghai today saying,

Dear Fans

I am disappointed that I have to withdraw from Tokyo and Shanghai as they are two of my favorite cities in the world and the fans have been great to me over the years. After consultation with my team and doctors, I decided to take the difficult decision to withdraw from both tournaments so that I can give my body a chance to rest, rehabilitate and fully recover from a physically challenging year.

Kind regards
No surprise there. I expected a pretty limited schedule for Fed's fall campaign - you know, with the mangoes and all.

(Photo: AP)

Shrieka takes Tokyo, launches Cole Haan to the masses

Maria Sharapova has traveled to Tokyo, Japan for the Toray Pan Pacific and also to launch her Cole Haan Collection.

The 3-time Grand Slammer discussed the trip in her latest Weekly Doodle:

Hi everyone, I landed in Tokyo last night and looking forward to playing my last two events of the year!! I have had a good, positive 3 weeks of training and ready to play some matches!

I can't believe that I haven't been here in over 2 years! That should never happen! It never ceases to amaze me how interesting this country is! Just when you thought they had the best toilets, they get even better! Haha
Just took a run in the park and happened to pass by a group of 20 children which were clearly fascinated by my height. I don't speak much Japanese (none at all as a matter of fact) but I thought I overheard them say "ooooh giant" Made me laugh.

Just heading out to practice, but wanted to let you know that all is good! Oh and we're launching the Cole Haan collection tonight... it just hit stores here a week ago. Apparently one of my shoes is the # 1 selling shoe in all of Cole Haan stores back in the States. Pretty Exciting!! Not as exciting as its going to be to get back to #1 though!!:)

Those poor kids. They were probably terrified at the thought of being trampled on by Blondzilla.

Anyway, the hair and makeup are flawless here, but about this outfit - where should I even begin? The curtain tassels, the high-waisted leather shorts? C'mon Shrieka, you're supposed to make this tough. No fun. Boo.

(Photos: YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Do you prefer your Fed plain or with a side of spice?

So Roger Federer led those other members of the Swiss Davis Cup team on a version of "We are the Swiss" after defeating the Italians and making the 2010 World Group (where they'll have a mouth-watering match up with Spain in their opening tie.)

Now behold: there are TWO, yes TWO, versions of the song performed by the Singing Swiss for your musical enjoyment. Which one do you prefer? DO TELL!



Serena gets all "methody" for Tampax's Mother Nature ad

Maybe Serena Williams is a "method" actress.

In a twist of the highest irony, the 11-time Grand Slammer will be featured in a series of cheeky print ads and online videos for Tampax which shows the former no. 1 defeating Tampax’s Mother Nature character, who tries to deliver her “monthly gift” in an unsuccessful attempt to throw Williams off her game – on and off the tennis court.

The campaign launches in October 2009 and will be featured in national teen publications, national beauty, health and women’s lifestyle publications. To see the print ads and online videos, visit and

Talk about perfect timing. I mean, ReRe's about to pummel poor MoNa. I guess practice DOES make perfect.

(Photo: P & G)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(UPDATED) + WEDNESDAY NETCORDS: Mirka works her Birkin Bag...oh, and Fed too

- Now onto the specifics of Justine Henin's "returnament" which includes beefing up her serve and reaching a 70% first serve percentage so she can finally grab that elusive Wimbledon title according to coach Carlos Rodriguez. "Justine is convinced we can reconstruct her serve. We have time."

- Kim Clijsters released her first comments after yesterday's announcement by JuJu via her website saying, "I think Justine's comeback is great news for women's tennis and even better news for Belgium. Justine has worked very hard to accomplish the results she has in her career, and I think it can only be a positive thing for the sport to have her back." JuJu had some surprising words for her compatriot as well. "I have come to realize that I would not have been this strong if she had not been there at the time," said the 7-time Grand Slammer. Aww, feel the love. For now.

- The ever-present stalkeratti netted Roger Federer and a pinky Birkin Bag-toting Mirka (to die) in NYC during the US Open and in Italy during last weekend's Davis Cup play

- Was Rafael Nadal planning to propose to longtime girlfriend Xisca Perello while competing in the Thailand Open? According to The Daily Express, The Matador laid down 50,000 GBP and "had booked into the five-star Thailand resort of Rayavadee, picking the three-bedroom villa facing the sea." He also reserved a private boat for a day, private plane and three dedicated butlers leading some to believe a proposal was on the horizon. But as we all know Rafa pulled out of the tourney citing the ab injury he sustained in Cincinatti.

- With all this talk of retirements + returnaments in tennis, should the powers-that-be seriously consider sabbaticals or extended breaks for the sport? For his part Steve Tignor believes there's more than one way to be a tennis champion including how they choose to navigate their careers.

- The 2010 Davis Cup draw has been decided and the biggest news is a potential Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal face-off when Switzerland battles Spain in their first round tie. Another notable tie showcases the US battling Serbia on their home turf. Mouthwatering much?

UPDATE: A couple of stories I just picked up. Small but worth it!

- Serena Williams talks about being "On the Line" in a few ways (or not) with NPR. She says of her tirade at the US Open: "Well, you know, there was a lot of things factored into it. I am a passionate a person. And like I said, I mean, when you see me play, you always see me pumping my fists. You always see me being really intense about every point. You see me throw my racket at times. And this is the case where I may have - not may. I definitely wore my emotions a little too far on my sleeve and - at a bad call."

- Flavia Pennetta takes to the Milan runway and looks, well, HAWT.


PHOTO OP: Muscle Muzz - the beefcake baller

Andy Murray has released his official 2010 calendar and it features the Brit in all kinds of guises - including shirtless ones.

So after laying my eyes on this gem my first thought was: Are they really trying to pimp out Muzz? Me thinks so. Just check out the following description:

Mr Murray has come of age and at last Britain has a contender with more than a little tennis know how and the muscles to pull it off. If you fancy spending a year in the company of a serious pair of biceps then look no further. Not just for Scots.
LOL. I guess sex sells - if that's what you want to call it, I mean.

Click here to order your own personal Muscle Muzz and live the fantasy...

(images via

VIDEO VAULT: Behind-the-scenes with Rafa, Shrieka and their Nike AW77 hoodies

Check out these behind-the-scenes videos featuring Rafael Nadal + Maria Sharapova at their respective photoshoots for Nike's iconic AW77 hoodie campaign.

Thanks to Jyocka for the tip!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It is a dream of mine. I want to work to get it. I make it a priority.

- Justine Henin on Wimbledon, the lone Grand Slam missing from her resume

Ah, yes. The memories of that shock loss to Marion Bartoli in the 2007 semifinals must still burn. It'll be tough but, let's be honest, she's got a HELLUVAH shot with those WTA headcases roaming the lawns.

PS - If you haven't already, check out this insightful piece on her "returnament" by ESPN's Bonnie D. Ford. It seems she was more affected by Roger Federer's Roland Garros win than Kim Clijster's big return.

(Photo: Racketeer)

THE LOW DOWN: Is Nole looking to leave adidas for K-Swiss?

Novak Djokovic is reportedly looking to make another money-making move at the start of the 2010 season.

The Serb may be jumping ship to join K-Swiss when his current contract with adidas expires at the end of this year according to the Sports Business Journal's Daniel Kaplan. The sports apparel brand already houses Tommy Haas, The Flying Bondarenkos Alona + Kateryna, Mardy Fish, Vera Zvonareva, and Anna Kournikova.

Nole is no stranger to switches in sponsorship, of course, having made a much-discussed and criticized racquet switch from Wilson to HEAD at the start of this season. His results seemed to suffer afterwards leading many pundits to blame the abrupt money-making switch as a reason. I doubt anyone (at least I'm hoping) will think to blame any lackluster results on his clothing if this happens. I mean, REALLY.

It would be a huge coup for K-Swiss, however, to grab Nole, a Top 5 baller and Grand Slam champion. Unfortunately, in terms of aesthetic value and fit, adidas tops K-Swiss all over the place so let's hope they amp up the design quotient for the Serb.

(Photo: Getty)

Monday, September 21, 2009

(UPDATED) From rumor to reality: JuJu reportedly set to announce return to tennis

After all the recent speculation, Justine Henin is reportedly set to announce her official return to competitive tennis tomorrow according to two top Belgian newspapers, La Derniere Heure + Le Soir!

Fantastic. This news is interesting on a few different levels for me:

1. What is JuJu's reason for her return now and what is the real reason she retired in the first place? I hope she has a good answer for both, especially the latter. It's still a big mystery to eveyone and I'm hoping it's cleared up tomorrow (though I'm not holding a breath.) Otherwise, she'll be hounded by the media until she gives it up or someone else does.

2. What inspired her return? Was it Kim Clijsters spectacular comeback? Seeing Serena Williams, who JuJu was not afraid to face and would defeat in big matches, dominate at the majors and reach 11 Grand Slam titles (wearing the "Best of Her Generation" sash)? The lack of a dominant lady baller overall on the tour? Or was she simply missing that winning feeling?

3. Aside from the Sisters Sledge and Kimmie, how will it effect the other lady ballers and will we finally see the true level that exists on the tour? The Belgian was living lavishly in the WTA Penthouse at the time she called it quits. And since her departure the "depth" of the WTA tour has come into question with Jelena Jankovic + Dinara Safina moving into the Penthouse without holding a major, and others like Ana Ivanovic + Svetlana Kuznetsova winning Grand Slams only to watch their "A" games go MIA.

4. Why return now, in the fall, and not during the clay-court season? JuJu dominated Roland Garros and was the best clay-courter of her generation so I'm surprised she'd pick the indoor season to make her return. What gives?

5. Why make coach Carlos Rodriguez shed tears in her retirement presser only to return 16 months later? I don't mind seeing grown men cry but that's just mean.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: It looks like she'll announce her return for 2010 according to TENNIS' Tom Perrotta. I still say why not the clay-court season? Too much time lost perhaps??

UPDATE #2: Here's the official rule for returning to competition after a retirement:

Before a player who had retired (and was not suspended) may return to competition, the player must notify the ITF in writing and be available for testing for three (3) months.
So that puts us at 2010.

UPDATE #3: IT'S OFFICIAL! Here's some of what JuJu said today about her return...
"I want to come back in January."

"Subconsciously [Kim Clijster's successful return] might have had an impact but it certainly was not the most important reason."

"The last 15 months I've been able to recharge the batteries, emotionally as well."
Carlos Rodriguez will return as coach and said,
"I'm very happy to be helping her to restart her new life. It's a super challenge for her. The desire to win Wimbledon is one of the main reasons she's come back and I'll do everything to help her do it."
The WTA has just become THE place to least starting in January. Allez!


Spain + Czech Republic to face off in Davis Cup final

The Czech Republic will travel to Spain to meet on Armada territory for the Davis Cup final after both teams secured dominating wins this weekend.

The defending champs, cheered on the sidelines by an still-injured Rafael Nadal, crushed Israel 4-1 while the Czechs overwhelmed Croatia by the same scoreline and reached their first DC final in 29 years. Damn - what took ya so long?!

Congrats to both teams for their big wins. The Czechs will have a tough time, though, stealing the title away from the Spaniards especially if they face off in the spectacular Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid with a Rafa-led Armada on red clay. But, you never know.

The final will take on December 4-6.

My fave pic from the weekend came courtesy of Italians Simone "The Beautiful" Bolelli + Potito Starace for obvs reasons (at least to me.)

(Photo: Getty)

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