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Friday, July 24, 2009

This could be FRIGHTENING or pure HILARITY


DJs Ivo and Novak in the House
God please let this story is true. According to, Ivo Karlovic and Novak Djokovic are teaming up to record a rap duet. Karlovic already has a hip-hop single out, “Baš sve,” which can be heard on his website, (WARNING: It’s in Croatian). One can only hope the duet with Nole will be just as sublime.

OMG - just kill me. Or kill them for even considering this idea. Either way I have to get a copy for those grey days.

Oh joy.

(UPDATED) RF + MF announce the birth of MRF + CRF!

Congrats to Roger Federer + Mirka Vavrinec who gave birth to twin mangoes - eh, girls - late last night.

The 15-time Grand Slammer announced the big news via his Facebook page:

I have some exciting news to share with you: Late last night, in Switzerland, Mirka and I became proud parents of twin girls! We named them Myla Rose and Charlene Riva and they are both healthy and along with their mother, they are doing great. This is the best day of our lives!

Ah yes, welcome to the world MRF + CRF. I can see the hats already though MRF will always stand for Mango to me. *pouts*

Now only about 16 years before the WTA tour becomes watchable again. Oh c'mon, you know one if not both of these babies are already sucking on tennis racquet pacifiers.

SIDE NOTE: Dontcha just love how ballers like Fed + Andy Roddick (who announced DC as his return tourney via his Twitter account) are skipping the mainstream media and announcing the info through their own social media accounts? BRILLS.

Thanks to JadeFoxxy for the tip off!

UPDATE: The media hawks await the first sighting of MRF + CRF at the clinic Bethanien in Zurich where Mirka supposedly gave birth. Baby Watch begins...

(image via getty)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

PHOTO OP: This can't be good for the ol' shoulder Shrieka

Maria Sharapova got her World Team Tennis on last night with the Newport Beach Breakers and was in splendid form.

According to the double bagel (who was in attendance at the match):

Masha played all the events she could at last night’s match; women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles and won all of them. She looked super solid last night, accurately hit lines, winners (her BH down the line is kind of perfect, yo), pounded on second serves and only committed one double fault the entire match. Seemed to me like she’s adjusted quite well now on that new abbreviated service motion.

Even Shrieka thought so telling the press afterwards, "I am a hundred percent."

Good news. But let's not get all crazy and start pushing toddlers around in sports cars, girl. It's cute and all but really? Proceed with caution.

See more pics of Shrieka over at the double bagel!

Anti-doping officials now investigating Tamira - boobs to blame?

Hot on the heels of Richard Gasquet's kiss-and-tell cocaine drama comes word of an investigation into Tamira Paszek's medical treatment earlier this month which allegedly violates anti-doping rules..

The Austrian lady baller, who has been struggling with chronic back issues, received blood that had been taken for enrichment and then later injected which is not allowed.

The 18-year old alerted anti-doping officials after learning the procedure was possibly illegal from a reporter.

Ugh, this has to suck for Tamira. I give her credit for alerting the anti-doping officials as soon as she found out the procedure was illegal. Let's hope they take this action into consideration when determining her case.

But with regards to the back issues, I might be stating the obvious here but could the problems of the 5' 5" lady baller be caused by Exhibit Double D's?

Like, whoa.

Rossie launches new website, shirtless lovers rejoice!

My day is already complete.

The tennis gods have answered our call and now Ross Hutchins has his own website courtesy of Tennishead! I was tipped off to the news by uber-twitterer and Friend of Ross (FOR) Andy Murray:

Incidentally, Muzz got his driver's license today so he'll most likely be driving more than just go-karts in the near future. You've been warned Brits (and Miami residents.)

Back to Rossie: When saw the tweet I got excited for the very fact that now there would be a central location for all things Rossie (read: shirtless pics). And what was I greeted with when I clicked on his new site? Duh, see top screen grab peeps. Geez.

*smiles uncontrollably*
*grabs private time with Rossie site*

(image via

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

(UPDATED) PHOTO OP: Ana gets her cheese on (again), NaturAna be damned

Here are some images from Ana Ivanovic's latest photoshoot for sponsor Verano.

There must be someone standing off-camera holding a gun forcing Ana to wear these horrid clothes, hold those shopping bags, and making her pose when she clearly needs to pee (see pic directly below), right?

Someone please help this girl...or go get NaturAna at the very least.

UPDATE: Here's the full story from next month's Vogue issue featuring NaturAna called "Ace Interrupted". A couple of observations, if I may -

1. Manager Dan Holzmann describing the Serb: "She’s more Michelle Obama than Paris Hilton.” Uh, either one is a stretch. Let's keep it in tennis and say more Kim Clijsters than Serena Williams.

2. Why do people (read: NaturAna) keep confusing "fierceness" with "mean"? Steve Tignor is quoted as saying, "I don’t know if she can really dominate the game. I don’t know if she has the fierceness to do it. Ana is more motivated by the joy of playing." I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree with this sentiment. Her response? “I am tough on the court. But I don’t think you have to be mean to win. In the past, we have had some very nice number-one people. Look at Steffi Graf." Well, yes Steffi was nice and not mean. But she was fierce on the course as was, and is, every dominant top baller or great champion. It's not about being mean NaturAna, it's about having heart, grit, and intensity on every point in every match. You simply don't have that quality.

(images via

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 black Barbies couldn't take 2 Williams sisters

Italian Vogue, who famously published their "All Black Issue" last year, is up to their old tricks.

According to Jezebel, the fashion mag has included a supplement in its July issue featuring all black Barbies. The "Shape Up" story features the lovely ladies swimming, running, and playing power groundies on what's supposed to be the prestine lawns of Wimbledon but what's probably some mini-golf course. Tough times even for Barbie.

I'm hoping they don't dive for any shots though - astroturf burn SUCKS even on plastic knees.

My fave comment from the blog's readers:

That is the most awkward tennis game I have ever seen. Why are they all up at the net? Who pushed that fifth girl to the ground? Why is the woman with the ball striking a modern dance pose? I am left with more questions than answers.

LOVE it. But seriously, these girls combined wouldn't stand a change against the Williams sisters. Look at those legs. Blow on them and they just MIGHT fall over or break in two after getting pummeled by a ReRe backhand.

(image via jezebel courtesy of Italian Vogue)

Au revoir, Nathalie!

Nathalie Dechy, 30, has decided to call it quits.

The Frenchie is expecting a child and wants to devote time to her family according to a statement released by the French Tennis Federation.

She reached a career-high No. 11 in 2006 and her best Grand Slam result was in 2005 when she reached the Aussie Open semifinals losing to Lindsay Davenport after being two points away from the final during the second set tiebreak.

So long Nathalie and good luck in life!

(image via SEWTA)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Like any girl (or boy), Shrieka loves a good pearl necklace

Maria Sharapova and her box (jewelry, that is) are featured in the August U.S. edition of InStyle magazine. The 3-time Grand Slammer discusses her fave designers, pieces, and the best ways to wear 'em all.

BIG REVEAL: She and famed architect Frank Gehry have collaborated on jewelry for this year's U.S. Open!

Here's the article courtesy of

When Maria Sharapova famously kissed her Wimbledon trophy in 2004 after becoming the third youngest champ to win that tournament, the 17-year-old was sporting long diamond earrings and her lucky cross necklace. Life continues to sparkle for the three-time Grand Slam winner, who has very definite opinions on jewelry and exactly how to wear the many pieces she owns.

How would you describe your taste in jewelry?
Eclectic. I'm all over the place! I like what's easy to wear because my life is very casual - gold or silver pieces by Marco Bicego, John Hardy, Shamballa and David Yurman. But for a red carpet event I like to play it up and layer necklaces or wear a big pair of earrings.

Do you have a favorite gem?
A diamond - it's my birthstone. I love pearls too, but you have to wear them in the right way. I save them for special occasions.

What about costume jewelery?
I shop flea markets for it. And I love the costume pieces fashion designers create for their collections.

You've always been one of the chichest players on the tour. Every year you get more daring in your clothing designs with Nike, and you recently collaborated on jewelery with Frank Gehry for the US Open. How was that?
I've always loved architecture, plus I own, like, half of the jewelery line he does for Tiffany. So we had a great meeting: He knew the pieces had to be light and move when I moved so they wouldn't be distracting. The earrings look perfect with my tennis dress.

You're an athlete but have a serious glam side - like the diamond tiara you rocked for your 21st birthday party.
I went into Tiffany to look at jewelry and there was something really cool about it. I want to get married in one!
I cannot WAIT to see the Shrieka-Gehry collaboration. I swear, only an architect could design something big enough for the towering Russian. She's, like, HUGE.

PS - I always thought a peek into Shrieka's box would be much more interesting. Wrong-o.

(images via InStyle)

PHOTO OP: Rafa resumes training, ranking battle royale to come?

Rafael Nadal returned to training with a light practice today in Manacor after being sidelined with tendinitis in his knees. His first tourney is scheduled to be the Montreal Masters which begins on August 8th...tick tock tick tock Rafanatics.

On a side note, the ATP's numbers nerd Greg Sharko contemplates in his "Shark Bites" column the possibility of Andy Murray eventually breaking the almost 4-year stranglehold Fedal has had on the top two ranking spots by the end of the U.S. Open.

Even Rafa isn't feeling so great about the rest of his season after coming back from about a month away, though he's probably being cautious by playing his chances down more than anything else.

Via TENNIS' ticker:

What's left of the season is going to be difficult," he said. "After stopping for a month -- almost two -- you lose your rhythm while others carry on competing."
Now, what was I saying about Muzz's chances way back when?

More images from Rafa's practice below...

(image via JAIME REINA/AFP/Getty Images)

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