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Thursday, July 16, 2009

MEDIA MASHUP: NaturAna LOVES being in her 20's - what the hell does she know?

Ana Ivanovic, who's playing WAG Wars with Chrissy Evert this week, is featured in the Vogue's August book "The Age Issue" representing the 20-somethings in the world (well, only the beautiful athletic millionairesses of the world - not you humans.)

Is it me or does the slumping Serb looking kinda mannish above? *shivers*

In this behind-the-scenes video from the shoot, NaturAna tells the mag the 20's are "the best age to be." Say what?! Well, I guess you'd say that if you've only reached age 21 and you have the world (and Hottie Scottie) at your fingertips. Must be nice.

And, NO, I'm not jealous. Fine, maybe a little.

*wears sad face*

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PHOTO OP: Rafa + Harley = *drool*

Rafael Nadal now owns a Harley-Davidson. The article was translated by Bee in the Rafa forum:

Harley-Davidson motorbikes have become one of Mallorcan tennis player Rafael Nadal's interests, who says he "feels captivated" by its legendary aspect, for the original designs and for the exclusive style of the brand. For this reason the athletic XR1200 has been the Harley-Davidson to have seduced Nadal "for the singular combinations of its sporting lines with classic style". Also he says that he loves "the power, the force and the agressiveness that it transmits just by looking at it".

The XR1200 is inspired by the legendary XR750 of the 70s Dirt Tracks. It is the result of a great collaboration between the production team of the motor company of Milwaukee and the production planning team of the Harley-Davidson product for Europe.

The comfort and security that anyone who rides a Harley-Davidson trusts, have been the key points that attracted the tennis player in the election of the XR1200. "I liked it from the beginning for its spectacular (appearance) and because it is a Harley-Davidson that I can ride about the city."

In the words of Josep Grañó, general director of Harley-Davidson in Spain and Portugal "it is a real honour for us to have Rafa Nadal among the Harley-Davidson family, not only for the added value of having one of the best tennis players in the history of tennis, but also for the sporting values that he transmits, that are an example to follow in our daily lives: constantly fighting and will to succeed.
Okay - probably won't hurt the knees but could hurt a lot more if he takes a spill. In any case, DAMN he'll look good at that bike.

(image via harley davidson)

SIGHTING: NaturAna + Chrissy's WAG War

Ana Ivanovic continued her Global Stalking Tour of golfing boy toy Adam Scott this week.

The slumping Serb, who sits at No. 11 in the rankings this week, was spotted checking out her man's moves at the 138th Open Championship in Turnberry, Scotland. NaturAna was also spotted last week at the Scottish Open where Adam was competing as well.

Team Ana also released some new images from her "Me, Myself" women's campaign which is where, I think, she should be right now - not on the golf green. You'd think her game was on point these days or something by the way she's NOT practicing. Good grief.

See more images of NaturAna in her adidas campaign here.

Veteran WAG Chris Evert was also spotted at Turnberry chasing husband Greg Norman around the green. Good to see Chrissy out and about. Let's hope she bumped into fellow + former Roland Garros champ NaturAna along the way and gave her some pointers on mental toughness and keeping her emotions at bay in a match.

I mean, she was the ultimate Ice Queen.

(images via getty, courtesy of adidas)

Venus + Serena at the ESPY's, present Arthur Ashe Courage Award

The Sisters Sledge, Venus + Serena Williams, took part in last night's 2009 ESPY Awards going full on glam for the event.

This year's Arthur Ashe Courage Award was presented by the sisters and given to Nelson Mandela. The award was accepted by his daughter Zindzi and grandson Zondwa.

ReRe lost out the Female Athlete Award to Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin but won Best Female Tennis Baller. Roger Federer won Best Male Tennis Baller while Rafael Nadal lost out the Best Male International Athlete to Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt. Boo hoo.

More images from the event below!

Bethanie Mattek-Sands

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice with Serena

(image via getty)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

PHOTO OP: Serena goes to Washington

Serena Williams visited the White House this week as a guest of President Obama and she met the entire family including First Lady Michelle, daughters Sasha + Malia, and pooch Bo.

She discussed the visit before her WTT match saying,

It was amazing, I love President Obama; he has such an unbelievable presence, and he seems to be so normal -- and he noticed my shoes. I think that was the highlight of the whole day, was he liked my shoes.

He asked me, 'Should I be wearing high heels?' So I thought that was kind of funny because he may have been right. Because it is a job hazard for me, but I insist on wearing them.

I didn't know [Michelle] had such an amazing personality. She had me cracking up and laughing. I knew she was a great person, but now I really understand how important this first family is to the United States. And the kids were just so cute and sweet, and the dog was nice.

How exciting for ReRe! She sure looks good for the visit as well.

But is it me or does she always seem to shrink all in her presence?


(image via talkradionews)

Reeshard kissed a girl and he liked it (no, really)

Richard Gasquet can return to the ATP Tour following the ITF's decision on his anti-doping case.

The Frenchie could have faced a possible two-year ban from professional tennis after he was found with cocaine in his system in Miami. But during his tribunal the former prodigy claimed he received the banned substance through a contaminated drink or kiss from a woman named "Pamela" during visits to a couple of Miami clubs (the last one being a strip club - no surprise there.) He was in town, of course, to participate in the Sony Ericsson Open but withdrew before his scheduled match due to his recurring shoulder injury.

The Tribunal decided that if he knowingly used cocaine the amount found in his system would've been of a greater amount.

He was sentenced to two months and 15 days to begin on May 1, 2009 and ending today, July 15, 2009.

You can read the lengthy decision over at the ITF website.

Uh, I'm really happy Reeshard will be returning to the Tour. Maybe this is the kick in the ass he needs to get himself together finally. But does anyone REALLY believe he was kissing a girl? I'll take the dirty drink plea over that one any day.

Ya fooled 'em, Reeshard. Ya fooled 'em good.

(image via getty)

PHOTO OP: Nando's come along way baby...his hair that is

Egads! It seems Fernando Verdasco may have always worked a hairy situation.

So I take everything back that I've EVAH said about Nando's faux-hawk. Well, almost everything. It's still a tired 'do but the "style" on the left is just atrocious.

Hair can really make or break the man, I've always said. I guess blonds DON'T have more fun when they look like that though.

Thanks FEDEX!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In case you missed it...

Fine. It's me - not you.

I'm the guilty party who took off during Wimbledon's final weekend (for a vacation - sue me!) and only caught up on all the action this week. You probably didn't miss a damn thing.

But if you did, here's a look back:

Roger Federer wins Grand Slam 15, edging out Andy Roddick 5-7, 7-6 (8-6), 7-6 (7-5), 3-6, 16-14 in an epic match and the longest fifth set in major tourney history. He also became the all-time leader surpassing Pete Sampras who made the trip from the U.S. and snuck in under cover during the first set to watch front row with wife Bridget, and past champs Manolo Santana, Rod Laver, and Bjorn Borg.

Oh, the Swiss maestro also the world's top baller again.

Now I heard some murmurings of readers and fans annoyed by the "15" Nike jacket that was prepared in case of Fed's record-breaking win and the commercial that followed the conclusion of the match:

Was it disrespectful to A-Rod? NOT. These sponsors do the same thing in other sports - they prepare winning t-shirts and hats for both teams playing the big final. You know, for the big photo op. It's not Fed's fault A-Rod's with Lacoste - or that he lost those 4 set points in the second set tiebreaker. Oops.

Serena Williams visited David Letterman to discuss winning her third Wimbledon, 11th major overall, and having grunting role models. They also take time to peg audience members with tennis balls. Good times. She launched her Mission Skincare line, too.

The world's second ranked baller, Rafael Nadal, will be returning to action in Montreal. He traveled to Barcelona for more tests on his knees. According to his doctor Angel Ruiz-Cortorro,

"The evolution of his injury is positive and the player will continue with his physiotherapy and muscular work and will resume his tennis activity in a progressive way starting next Monday July 20th, estimating his return to competition on August 8th at the Montreal event."
Davis Cup semifinals were set with Juan Carlos Ferrero (and his sick bod) winning the decisive rubber over Andreas Beck and leading defending champ Spain to a 3-2 win over Germany. A Roddick-less U.S. was no match for Croatia and fell 3-2. The Croats will face the Czech Republic who defeated Argentina 3-2 while Spain will battle first time semifinalist Israel who shocked Russia.

Ana Ivanovic had tongues aWAGgin' as she was spotted at the Scottish Open where current boytoy Adam Scott was competing. Didn't NaturAna learn anything from her fling with Nando? This shite's bad for your game. Get your head out of the sack and put your eyes on the ball - the fuzzy yellow ones for once. Geez.

Sania Mirza got stalked and engaged in a matter of days. Who knew she had it like THAT?

The WTA Tour has a new head honcho - Stacey Allaster. It's probably not in her job description but do you think you could do a search for some REAL lady ballers?

Phew - is that everything from the last week? Did I miss anything major?? DO TELL!

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Moni inducted into International Tennis Hall of Fame

A big congrats to Monica Seles who was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame during a ceremony in Newport on Saturday.

The 35-year old captured 53 Tour titles during her career; was the top lady baller for a total of 178 non-consecutive weeks (fifth all-time); won the 1991 and 1992 US Opens, the 1990-92 French Opens, the 1991-93 and 1996 Australian Opens; and earned the big end of the year prize at the Tour Championships from 1990-92.

Her career will not only be remembered for her many championship runs and records but also for the knife attack by a Steffi Graf fan during a tourney in Hamburg back in 1993 that ended her domination of the WTA Tour. She returned after 27 months away but managed to win only one major thereafter - the '96 Aussie Open.

Moni told the crowded gathered on Saturday,

Growing up as a little girl, I could never dream I would be inducted into the Hall of Fame. I have a hard time believing it now.

AH, if only the ladies on the WTA today had half the heart, grit, determination and charisma you possessed in your time...

In any case congrats to you Moni!

*clap, clap, clap*

(image via reuters)

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