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Friday, June 19, 2009

Shrieka takes charge at ESPN the Magazine, spews advice to one and all

The issue of ESPN The Magazine featuring Maria Sharapova as Guest Editor is out and it features the Russian baller in various states of dress + undress happily handing out advice to the tennis gods and fellow athletes on everything from how to improve the sport to how to wear nail polish correctly (that would be for wrestler Chuck Liddell - love it.)

Guess who Shrieka might be talking about when she rattled off these two recommendations for improving tennis. I have my guesses:

3.Get rid of the riffraff
And while I'm on the subject: The players' lounge isn't a nightclub, either. It's hard to get ready for a match when there's a bleached-out blonde in six-inch stilettos and a denim miniskirt hanging out. Who is this person, and why is she here?

Marat, leave the hookers at home. Geez.

8.Don't hide the game face
While I was sidelined with my shoulder injury, I watched a lot of tennis on TV. Sometimes I thought, Why do these girls wear so much makeup? I can't even figure out how they keep their eyeliner from running. Athletes should play au naturel.

JJ, maybe showing off your "real" game face might actually scare opponents and win you matches. Try it. Your game could us all the help it can get right now.

And for all you male straighties out there (I know there are one or two, right?) Shrieka let's us in on what this kind of woman wants in her man:

Q.What does a woman of your caliber look for in a man? -- Daniel Gibson, Cavaliers
A.Although you may think I live a glamorous life, I'm pretty simple. Little things make me happy. I love to laugh. I love going to dinner or to a comedy club. I like guys who are polite and quirky. Oh, and you have to be tall.

Like, skyscraper tall.

Read more of her articles and see more pictures over at

(images via courtesy of espn the magazine)


To not play Wimbledon is one of the toughest decisions of my career.

- Rafael Nadal after announcing his withdrawal from Wimbledon today at a press conference in London.

How sucky. What more needs to be said? I guess Andy Murray is the biggest beneficiary of his withdrawal since they were placed in the same half of the draw.

On the bright side, Rafa will have time to rest up and get healthy for another shot at a Career Slam at Flushing Meadow. Could be a blessing in disguise, no?

Let the venting begin!

UPDATE: Post from The New York Times blog Straight Sets. Check out their emerging possibilities at the bottom of the post based on a long-term Rafa absence. I put them in this order of possibility: 1, 4 (though no major change in his game but overhaul of scheduling), 2, and 3.

UPDATE #2: Rafa was diagnosed with tendinitis in his quadricep tendons and a small amount of fluid on the kneecaps.

UPDATE #3: Here's video of the presser.

(image via getty, video via bluetina35)

PHOTO OP: The WTA ladies get bright + shiny at Pre-Wimby party

Some of the lady ballers from the WTA Tour got all glammed up last night for the annual Ralph Lauren Sony Ericsson Pre-Wimbledon Party hosted by Richard Branson at The Roof Gardens.

Vera Zvonareva, Venus + Serena Williams, Anne Keothavong, Ana Ivanovic, and Elena Dementieva put on their best model face for a beautiful shot taken during a photo session at the event.

Apparently, the big theme of the night was bright + shiny fabrics and accessories. With the exception of MAYBE Svetlana Kuznetsova who looks like a gift box with (thick) legs, the ladies look drop dead. Even Serena Williams' "genie-in-a-bottle" moment works - go figure.

You know, more often than not, I cringe at what they choose to wear at these events because it always looks like they got dressed in the dark. Could it be Ralph Lauren provided the wardrobe this time around? If so, then nice moves RL. Nice moves.

Venus Williams + Larry Scott

Serena Williams

Svetlana Kuznetsova

Serena, Venus, Vera Zvonareva, Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic

Elena Dementieva

Vera Zvonareva

Anne Keothavong

(images via getty)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

VIDEO VAULT: Someone could use a post-coital cigarette

Seriously, you'd think Muzz was basking in the afterglow by the sounds of his moans and groans.

Fine, it's kinda hot.

*saves video for future use*

(via jonstennistweets)


If it's me, I'm (flying) to Mallorca.

- A concerned Toni Nadal after watching Rafa go down to Lleyton Hewitt 6-4, 6-3 during their exo at Hurlingham Club in London

Uh-oh. If Uncle Toni is spewing this shite, there is definitely cause for worry. There's still no confirmation on whether he will be healthy enough to defend beginning next week.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: According to his website, Rafa will hold a press conference after his match against Stanislas Wawrinka to announce his plans.

(via gototennis, image via

VIDEO VAULT: Rog does Rolex, Marat + Nole put their nubbies on for adidas

Roger Federer goes from sporty to elegant in a new spot for sponsor Rolex. As usual, the Swiss looks absolutely stunning all gussied up in that suit. Can't hate on that me thinks.

Marat Safin and the legendary Rod Laver face off in a new spot for the new adidas CC Feather IV Grass sneakers. The pair are also joined by Ernest Gulbis + the Bryan Brothers. Catch "M" while you can guys. *sigh*

And tennis' current video vixen Novak Djokovic gets his own spot for the adidas CC Genius Novak Grass sneakers (which I previewed earlier this week) though his infamous nipple nubs are nowhere to be found. Drats.

Thanks to Twitterers Out_at_Sea and Wilson for the finds!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PHOTO OP: Live mannequins are SO 1980

Maria Sharapova revealed the winning design for the Sony Ericsson Design Competition in the window at Liberty. Students from The London College of Fashion participated with Georgie Davies' design being chosen as the winner.

(images via Tom Shaw/Getty Images for Sony Ericsson)

Fed grows bigger balls after Paris triumph - who knew?

Roger Federer is ready for his Wimbledon assault - and has the proverbial bigger balls to prove it now.

The Roland Garros champ told a small group of reporters in London that he's feeling "more a man now" after winning in Paris despite his ethereal game deserting him at times during his run:

I feel like I've definitely become more a man now than in the last few years since I'm not scared of five setters anymore. I can handle the pressure.

I had to show my fighting spirit more than ever and it's nice to have had a chance to show those qualities because before everybody was just used to my dominance. It's good to know for myself that I can also do it differently.

True enough. Fed's dominance dance is done but he found a way to win when his game was teetering and the pressure was mounting after Rafa + Nole's stunning exits. By the final, it was seemingly a done deal.

So even though he comes in as the second seed, who does he think is the fave to take the Wimby crown?

I do think I'm the favorite actually, with the success I've had. I came close again last year. With no disrespect to the other players ... I feel like I've got the game, I've got the mental approach and I've got the experience to win at Wimbledon many more times.

Well, okay then.

(image: getty)


They were saying this three years ago, that I couldn’t last. And after four years, I’m better than I ever was. This irritates me, no? I’m tired of people telling me I can’t go on playing like this. In the end this is what makes me win, lose, everything. I can’t control how I play. I want to keep getting better. And the most important part is the head.

Rafael Nadal is featured in a preview of The New York Times Magazine story called "Ripped. (Or Torn Up?)"

Check it out here.

(image: Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum, for The New York Times)

FASHION FIX: Nole says "buh-bye" to blue, hello to red with adidas Falcon collection

Novak Djokovic will be hoping do better this year than last when he was dumped out of Wimbledon's second round by Marat Safin. And, while he made the final Sunday in Halle he continued his losing streak in championship matches earning his fourth consecutive defeat this time to Tommy Haas. A mental hurdle much?

For his campaign, the Serb will be continue to showcase duds from the adidas Falcon line but, luckily for us, Nole has dropped the eye-sore blue for red - phew. The collection features the brand's trademark ClimaCool fabrication which pulls heat and sweat away from the body and allows air to circulate close to the skin.

He'll be working the Men's Edge Top (above, $46) paired with the Men's Edge Bermuda Shorts (below, $37)

Nole will also be arriving on court wearing the Edge Warm Up Top ($53).

Here are the new kicks Nole will be wearing during his campaign for his first Wimby Championship: the Genius CC Novak sneakers in white/red/brown ($118).

(images via

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wozzi gives better face than Kiri for adidas by Stella McCartney

Wozzi is IN, Kiri is so OUT. Finally.

According to the double bagel, Stella McCartney has dropped the struggling Russian and has chosen the rising Dane as the new global face for her eponymous line with adidas.

Via Politiken:

Stella McCartney has been directly involved in the selection of the main model for the new design, which launches across the world while at the same time, Caroline Wozniacki as the only player on the top level using it during the U.S. Open.

“It obviously feels good, that I was chosen and that Stella has also said that she would like me to represent her line. She will always have something that is new and fresh. She constantly seeks new inspiration, and I just think that she thought that I am new and on the way up and would be a good role model for the clothes, ” sounds Caroline Wozniacki’s own opinion on why she now become the subject of a worldwide campaign for the company she has been associated for several years.

Hmmm, World No. 9 with a bullet vs. World No. 58 and tumbling? No brainer. I guess those are the breaks Kiri. I mean, you're cute and all but Stella would like to sell some clothing. Plus, it'll be nice to finally see the clothing and often - if Wozzi keeps winning, that is.


(image via getty)

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Rafa gets white + purple for Wimbledon defense - but will he show?

After a disappointing fourth round loss in Paris, Rafael Nadal will be highly focused on defending his turf at The All England Club next week.

The Mallorcan Matador will be working the Nike Double Bold Men's Tennis Polo Shirt ($48) in white which features a 2-button placket and a shadow dot print design. This top will be paired with the white Dri-FIT Woven Men's Tennis Short ($38) with its window pane design and slightly longer length.

The Air Max Courtballistec 1.3 makes its return but this time it's made specifically for the grass with nubbies on the sole and featured in white + purple (a royal color for the current king of grass - how fitting.)

Rafa will also sport the Wimby colors of purple + green on the headband and wristbands during his defense.

The polo and shorts were taken from the Nike UK site so I'm hoping the actual pieces he wears will have the purple Nike swooshes and NOT the black.

But the big question is: will Rafa be fit enough to defend his Wimby crown after his recent knee issues? Well, according to The All England Club's Twitter, he's already there:

UPDATE: Proof is in the puddin' peeps. Check it.

(images via nike, TW)

FASHION FIX: Fed goes white + gold for record-breaking Wimbledon campaign

Newly-crowned Roland Garros champ Roger Federer will attempt to become the all-time major title leader as he goes for a sixth Wimbledon title and 15th Grand Slam next week.

During his campaign, the Swiss stylist will be working pieces from Nike's White/Gold Collection including the Dri-FIT Court Men's Tennis Polo Shirt ($48) paired with the Dri-FIT Athlete Men's Tennis Short ($34).

Here's a sneak peek of the wristbands for the 27-year old which features the Nike swoosh and his ubiquitous "RF" logo.

Fed will be working the Zoom Vapor VI Tour Men's Tennis Shoe ($109) in white + gold and will most likely feature some reference to his five Championships on the kicks.

But after last year's Gatsby-esque cardigan and the blazer/pant combo from year's past, what will Fed surprise his fans with this year? Stay tuned!

(image via nike,

Monday, June 15, 2009

(UPDATED) FASHION FIX: Andy channels Fred Perry in Fred Perry for Wimbledon

Let the media maelstrom begin!

Andy Murray
, who won his very first title on grass at Queen's Club this weekend, will be taking it back at Wimbledon - stylewise that is.

The Brit baller will be paying homage to the last man from the home country to win the season's third major: Fred Perry who won it in 1936. The 22-year old is, of course, sponsored by the legends eponymous clothing label.

From the pic, it looks like he'll again be working Nike kicks at The All England Club but this time from the brand's White/Gold Collection. There is also a retro zip up jacket and cricket style jumper to compliment the kit.

I love this throwback stuff for Wimby, including the cable knit tennis sweater and the shorter shorts. They could be shorter but I'll take what I can get. And the neutral colors against his already pasty skin really wash him out - but what's new?

UPDATE: More pics from the reveal...

(images via, Marc Aspland/The Times)

Ana's coach-for-a-day: what would you do?

Oh, Ana.

The former top lady baller's Serbian Slide has officially become a Serbian Slump with her latest loss. Leading 4-1 in the decider to mental midget Nadia Petrova, Ana managed to lose the final 5 games and was booted from Eastbourne's first round 6-1, 4-6, 6-4. Ouch.

Last week the 21-year old fired coach Craig Kardon after losing in the fourth round at Roland Garros and dropping out of the Top 10 (she currently sits at No. 13). If there's a bright side, it would be the fact that she doesn't have tons of points to defend for the rest of the year after a disappointing second half to 2008. She can make up ground. That being said, if she can't even get out of opening rounds then she's toast.

Ana's troubles have been well documented (especially here) so we don't need to rub sea salt in the wounds. But question: if you could be the Serb's coach for a day, what would be the one thing you would focus on with her and why?


PS - Here's the look Ana will be working at The All England Club called the adidas Adilibria Ivanovic Wimbledon dress. WARNING: grab a look now because you may not see much of it later on...

(image via getty,

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