Google Down the Line!: Was Muzz spending too much time playing with his joystick?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Was Muzz spending too much time playing with his joystick?

Apparently the Brits are having a field day with all the rumored reasons for the breakup between their boy Andy Murray and his now ex-girlfriend, Kim Sears.

First there was talk of Muzz dating the current Miss Scotland Katharine Brown. NOW, The Telegraph is reporting the breakup was caused by the long hours the 22-year old spent on his PlayStation. No, really. A source close to Kim told UK gossip rag The Sun,

“He would spend all his time glued to them. In the end she just got fed up with it. She wanted more out of the relationship."
Thanks Mysterious Source.

I don't know how much we should read into these rumors. I mean, the Brits do LURVE their gossip, as do I, but they take it to whole other level.

However, if it turns out to be true, I hope PlayStation will keep Muzz warm at night. And support him from the stands.

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  1. ps3 is better then her anyway

  2. Yeah, it is!!! TREY 4 LIFE! Chicks come and go but you will always have your PS3.

  3. I have two women on my side...they are called PS3 and X Box. They rock!!!!!!!!

  4. I wish my old lady would leave for playing PS3

  5. she should have at least married him and then divorced him to get some money out of it. or let him knock her up so there are some child support payments involved. she didn't even get half of his life savings. what kind of woman is that?

  6. hahaha i love what the guy above me said! thats hy-larious!

  7. youlivewithyourmomDecember 5, 2009 at 7:13 AM

    so what all of you guys are saying is that your 40 years old, still live with your mommy and daddy and after you get home from work (if you even have a real job) you go downstairs and play video games....sounds like a great life to me, nerds.

    Ya know, I'm sure some sun and some friends(real friends, not some guy you met over the internet) wouldn't hurt...but then again, what do I know...I'm just a normal guy who's not wasting my life playing video games.

  8. They key is balance, i work full time, take care of my family and enjoy games on the weekend. I think it can be a better alternitive to hanging out in bars drinking and sleeping with random people, like many of my younger friends do. and not everybody who enjoys games are 40 year old virgins who kive in their parents basement btw.

  9. Yea Andy Murray is clearly 40 years old and still living with his parents. What a loser he is!

    Oh dear, his hot girlfriend left him. I'm sure he can't get another one, being a good looking, athletic, rich guy. I'll take a PS3 over listening to her stupid motha#@%&in problems anyday.

  10. .





  11. Like all of you critics know what its like to date (or be married) to a beautiful woman.

    Guys that date ugly women think that being in a relationship with a fine woman is all about having sex with her. If you really had any experience, you would know that fine women get everything that they want. And are rarely in the mood for sexual stuff.

    My wife is an ex-underwear model, extremely beautiful, but she can be so annoying... and is rarely in the "mood" for any of that stuff that you spend all day doing with your ugly girl friends.

    Sometimes your video games is your only escape from the daily bullsh*t.

  12. Poster dubbed "youlivewithyourmom"... You're a fuckin' retard, dude. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but there it is. You're a stereotyping dumbass.
    There's one on every comment board, I guess...
    But the two posters below you have some info for you. Listen up--you might learn a thing or two about the nature of the world.


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